Next Guest! Thom Zahler from Love and Capes!

We are BACK. And we are going to move forward, through snow, through bad Comcast service, through everything and record our Valentine’s Day episode a few weeks late with Thomas Zahler, creator of the fantastic Love and Capes on Tuesday, February 23, around 9:30 PM EST. So please, tweet and email your questions for Thom by then!

Also, STOP sending me hater stories. The deadline has passed. We have a 10+ page word document to read through. I am sure it is going to make Chris and I weep for humanity.

Hater Stories: Last Call

Last call for Hater Stories. Deadline is the end of the week, February 19, 2010.

Now that the Internet is back in my home, I’m compiling the stories and making our selections. So last call, email Send us your best hater story, remember, send us your best story of being hated on in real life. Make it on the funny side, rather than the depressing side. Winner will get a prize and a chance to come on the show to tell their story to the world.

When It Snows, It Pours

Hooray. It started snowing again in DC. It looks like another foot will be added on top of the 30 inches we got last weekend that was still sitting around. If you want a good gauge how bad this snowstorm is, the post office has not delivered mail two days in the past week. Before that, the last time the post office failed to deliver the mail was over thirty years ago.

For now, I’m going back into hibernation. But if you have a moment, why not check out this video by Atlanta hip hop group The Remnant for their song, “Know This.” Niles (the third guy in the video) is a long-time fan of The ISB and War Rocket Ajax, and put me on to their stuff. They make great music, so be sure you check out their album on iTunes:

Stay frosty.

No Business like Snow Business

Hi guys. So, we have some news, and it’s not of the good kind. This week, we were supposed to record with Thom Zahler, creator of Love and Capes, to get our show back on schedule after I (Euge) moved to a new apartment. What happened after that, well, it’s kind of absurd.

First, Comcast had a faulty hookup in my apartment so the technician couldn’t set up my cable and internet. They were supposed to come back this weekend to fix it, only this weekend the Washington, DC area had a record amount of snowfall (about three feet), shutting down the city. A cable guy’s been rescheduled, but won’t be back until this Sunday, after which, I’m going to be out of town the following weekend (ironically, to go visit my parents after my original x-mas trip was canceled because of ANOTHER historic snowstorm..seriously, global warming my ass).

So the long and short of it is this: I don’t know when we’re going to get our episodes back on track. I’m sorry about all of this, and it sucks b/c this happened just as we had a good amount of momentum in the new year. But alas, you can blame Comcast and God (in that order) for messing with our steez.

So for now, check out Chris’s stuff on The ISB, as he’s now writing full-time! And I’m going to go back to slow delirium. Did I mention my Xbox red-ringed during this weekend, too? Seriously, what did I do to piss the gods off so much?

Episode 19 – Luchadore A Go Go! w/ El Gorgo!

Great Googily Moogily! Mike McGee and Tamas Jakab from El Gorgo join the party, along with 3rd chair Emeritus Rusty Shackles, as the War Rocket Ajax crew grabs their guitars and makes their way to the concert! Will they make it in time?!

The Rundown:

  • Please check out everything El Gorgo at the website. Also check out Tamas and Mike on twitter! Order your copy of El Gorgo today!
  • Check out War Rocket Ajax crew’s TV Tropes page. Thanks Bringthanoize. Email us so we can give you some proper credit!
  • As always, check out Rusty’s work at his website. Also, check out his Covered version of Marvel Two in One 86 here, and his Big Barda and Lashina pieces as well!
  • Go check out The Vizzness’s food blog here! Also say hi to her on twitter. Be nice, or Rusty will in fact, rise from the dead and….dot dot dot.
  • Check out WFMU’s blog piece detailing the Carson story that Chris mentioned. Don’t mess with Johnny Carson, folks.
  • Here’s Chris’s ISB review of Bayonetta, the greatest game in the universe.
  • Yup, we’re Team Coco.
  • Also be sure to check out Chris’s ComicsAlliance article on Ultimatum. Go ahead, hate on it.
  • Be sure to pick up a copy of Oni Press’s Resurrection 8 in February!

Please leave us a review on iTunes if you have the time! Also, remember to send in your listener questions and hater stories to!

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