Episode 464 – Just a Weird-Lookin’ Dude f/ Andy Hirsch

Our pal Andy Hirsch is back this week to talk about his new Science Comics: Cats comic, as well as, of course, Garfield. And Heathcliff! And cat eyes! It’s a real adventure. Plus, Chris and Matt field and X-Men fashion question from a listener!

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The Rundown:

Comics Reviewed:

  • Powers of X #3
  • Jimmy Olsen #2
  • Ghost-Spider #1

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7 thoughts on “Episode 464 – Just a Weird-Lookin’ Dude f/ Andy Hirsch”

  1. Just a heads up – if you guys haven’t heard – Frank Miller has reappeared – he came out of the depths of wherever he was trapped – and wrote a Superman story that you just might appreciate. It’s been a while since i felt anything reading his stuff – but what he did in Year One #2 – stand up to ANYTHING he ever wrote in his prime. Read that bad boy. Or can you guess who Clark is training under in the army?.. And don’t’s worry – it’s not propaganda. It’s pure Superman that makes your heart soar

  2. Also – you do not need to read #1 – i didn’t. I just grabbed #2 because i heard Atlantis is involved – and it sounded fun and looked gorgeous

  3. Just want to say Superman Year One #2 has Lori Lemas father tell her she’s going to replace her mother in every way. So you really don’t have to read it

  4. I’m talkig more about Superman serving under certain sergeant Jacob Kurtzberg aka The Goddamn King Of Comics aka Jack Kirby. In case you wondered where Kirby’s sense of wonder came from.. among other things – from meeting and training Superman. Who tries to pretend he is not Superman. It’s pretty awesome. The name might be spelled a bit different -but it’s no coincidence.

  5. I have, in fact, been keeping up and I am afraid I do not believe it is good by any reasonable measure whatsoever.

    1. I guess heart has its own reasons – i loved it – even though i didn’t read issue 1 or finished #2 yet 🙂 mostly for reasons of being busy and tired. At the very least – the art is beautiful. Danny Miki does a great job over JRJR. Much love for the show too!

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