Episode 3 – The Details w/ Jess Nevins

Our third episode welcomes comics scholar and pulp/victoriana master Jess Nevins to the show to talk about the details in comics. Which really boils down to Jess talking about things like the Golden Age Black Widow, Six Gun Gorilla, and what it’s like having Alan Moore as a friend.

The Rundown:

  • This Week’s Guest: If you want to find out more about Jess Nevins’ work, check out his website here, and his collected comic book annotations here. Also, check out Jess’s stuff on Amazon
  • KRS One is writing a hip hop bible. Will you be a member of the new civilization? Thanks to KingOblivionPhD at the ISS for the heads up to our new world order.
  • As if you need any more talk about Arkham Asylum, you get it.
  • Seriously, you should check out issue 570 of The Fantastic Four, where Jonathan Hickman takes the writing helm. Read some of Chris’s thoughts at the ISB here.
  • Read Andrew Hussie’s epic animated .gif adventures at MS Paint Adventures. Also, check out my interview with Ryan North, creator of Dinosaur Comics, over at PYDK Podcast!
  • Check out Naoka Urasawa’s Monster for some great manga (are you happy Curt?!). Buy Volume 1 of Monster now!
  • Correction(s): Thanks again to Gardner Linn for the correction on our Achewood discussion. Check out this strip to see Cartilage Head perform, whom we incorrectly identified as “Death” in last week’s ep. Thanks again, and check out Gardner’s comic Registered Weapon while you’re checking out some great webcomics.
  • Once again, a big thanks to Jamillah Knowles of BBC 5Live’s show, Pods and Blogs, for the great mention and plug on the show and the site.

Monday Isn’t So Far Away


Oh Spiderman. Next Monday is not so far away. Check back with us next Monday to hear Jess Nevins talk about The Details in comic books. Also, while you’re here, why not take a trip to iTunes on the sidebar and leave us a review? (link). We’d appreciate it.

Third Guest! Wednesday! The Devil’s in the Details!


Our guest for Episode 3 is Jess Nevins, the walking encyclopedia of Victoriana and master of comic book annotations. He’ll join us for a discussion on the details in comics, and his loving work in extracting those details for all to enjoy. He’s also promised a discussion including, but not limited to the following topics: gorillas, Paste Pot Pete, why the Golden Age Black Widow has the #2 origin of all time, and Don Heck, O.G. pimp.

We are recording this episode early this week on Wednesday evening, August 26. So tweet questions for Jess to Chris or me to have them read on the show! Take notes. There will be a test.

In other news, our iTunes feed is now fixed, so please go and subscribe to the show, and drop us a review. And check out the BBC 5Live show, Pods and Blogs, where host Jamillah Knowles gives us a nice shout out towards the end (around 5:00 remaining in the show).

Bear With Us

Look, I’m not going to lie to you guys. I’ve had some issues with technology in the past few days (which go a long way in explaining the sound cues in this week’s episode, long story, trust me).

The iTunes feed is currently messed up. It is redirecting people to my other podcast, PYDK, b/c for some reason the podcast feeds are not right in the iTunes store (damn you Apple). This will be fixed tonight when I get home. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. For now, you can download the ep or listen to it embedded in the site. All of this will be fixed soon.

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Episode 2 – A Dialogue w/ Caitlin Kittredge

We’re back with our second episode, as we talk to Caitlin Kittredge, author of the Nocturne City novels and co-author of the superhero novel, Black and White. Since Caitlin’s a successful published author (and hardcore comics fan), we talk about dialogue and writing in comics, as Caitlin and Chris talk about their favorite lines of dialogue in comics, their writing processes for novels and comics, and the many reasons why Caitlin is NOT Alan Moore. (Artwork by Rusty Shackles – Click for full size)

The Rundown:

  • For more information on Caitlin and all her works, check out her website here. You can check out her vlog entry here.
  • Buy Caitlin’s books on Amazon here!
  • Check out Chris Onstad’s Achewood. Start here if you want to read the storyline Chris and I were talking about.
  • Also, go get Achewood: The Great Outdoor Fight by ordering here.  I ordered it after our discussion.
  • Purchase Chris Yost’s Killer of Demons trade paperback, with Chris’s introduction, here.
  • Tonight I gotta cut.
  • Big Ups to All My Haters: Caitlin didn’t name names, but still, go to her livejournal. Maybe you can find her hater there (as of this posting, she is STILL not Alan Moore).
  • No, but seriously, Alan Moore, Ed Brubaker, Warren Ellis, if you guys are listening feel free to leave a comment.
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CHECK OUT the BBC 5 Live show, Pods and Blogs, hosted by Jamillah Knowles (link)! Sorry we couldn’t get the scheduling right, Jamillah, hopefully you can have Chris and I on a future show!

Get In On the Action!


We’re recording tonight, so tweet all questions to Sims or me for our guest Caitlin Kittredge. We’ll be talking about writing, whether it’s novels (with Caitlin), comics (with Sims), or awesome anti-establishment bongos-accompanied beat poetry (with me).

While you’re here, why not check out Sims’s latest article at Comics Alliance, which takes a look at the history of crime and noir in comics. Also, Action Age comics has a preview of some of the new projects coming down the way, so go and check out the great artwork. Also, all go worship at the altar of Rusty Shackles.

Episode 2 posts early next week. Can youuu diiiig iiiiiiiiit.

Second Guest! Words and Stuff!


Wow, what a beginning to the week we’ve had. First of all, you guys should know that most likely, if it’s being written on the website, it’s me, Eugene. Chris is too busy blogging at The ISB and the eleventy billion other sites he writes for, where he brings the face kickin’ funny. So you’re stuck with me here. I’m still trying to determine my signature act of violence. Kidney punch? Eye gouge? I’m still deciding.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who listened to Episode 1, and for the great feedback. We had a great time doing it, and hope that any valid complaints you might have had about the show will be fixed in the upcoming episodes. If you’re just hatin’, well if you diss Dre, you diss yourself.  Thanks again to Matt Fraction for being our first guest. Check out the episode if you haven’t yet. And yes, iTunes feed is coming, hopefully by the end of this week (get on that shit, Apple!).


We’re getting right back to it with our guest for episode 2, Caitlin Kittredge. Caitlin is the author of the Nocturne City series novels, as well as co-author of the incredible superhero novel, Black and White. She’s going to stop by and talk about the writing side of comics and novels, among the other tangential topics that are bound to come up. Caitlin’s awesome, y’all. So be ready to live tweet or email questions this Friday to the show if you want them read on air.

It’s Wednesday. Go buy some comics, you muckety mucks.

Episode 1 – First Issues w/ Matt Fraction

In our historic first episode, Chris and Eugene talk about first issues and new beginnings with Matt Fraction, esteemed writer of The Uncanny X-Men, Invincible Iron Man, Casanova and many other titles. Hear the answers to the questions you’ve always pondered, such as: What comics did Chris and Eugene first purchase? What fan atrocities have been committed against comic and sci-fi writers? And what is Matt Fraction’s favorite new jack swing song? (click on the pic for full size art by Rusty Shackles)

The Rundown:

  • For more information on Mr. Fraction and all his work, check out his website at mattfraction.com. He is also on twitter at @mattfraction.
  • The webcomic Matt was referencing was from Chainsawsuit.com. Specifically, this one. I suppose if you want to read Let’s Be Friends Again, then you can go to their website. But they didn’t draw a comic about Locutus of Borg, so screw them.
  • Big Ups To All My Hatershate on it.
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First Guest! First Issues!


We’re recording our first episode this weekend, talking about first issues, and our first guest is writer Matt Fraction, he of the Invincible Iron Man, Uncanny X-Men, and many other titles fame. Episode is posting early next week.

Also, keep checking this blog. If we get enough traffic, we may be bringing in some regular contributors to give you guys something to read. Man, not only your ears, but also your eyes?! War Rocket Ajax is pretty much a full sensory experience.

While you’re here, check out the first full Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. issue over at Action Age Comics.