Episode 16 – Core Universe w/ Rick Remender

What do you get when you have Rick Remender on your show? A lot of talk about Punisher: Franken-Castle, punk music, and some absurd convention stories. What better way to close out 2009, as Chris and Euge talk also talk about Twilight, drink recipes, more listener emails, and a special holiday hater!

The Rundown:

The Coming Storm….THE X-MAS STORM


We are busy, and I mean BUSY, at work putting together the wonderful War Rocket Ajax X-Mas special. For now, stay tuned, b/c our LAST EPISODE of 2009 with Rick Remender will be destroying your earbuds come Monday. The WEEK AFTER on December 21, our X-MAS EXTRAVAGANZA will post! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! SO MUCH WAR ROCKET FOR YOUR EARS!

For now, if you want some more holiday cheer, check out The Christmas Letter of Dr. Doom over at ComicsAlliance. Or check out some hip hop writing at Self-Titled (Eponymous). See you guys on Monday!

Episode 15 – Historically Speaking w/ Cherie Priest

Sims has a big announcement! I have a new website! And author, Southern gothic zombie steampunk historical enthusiast Cherie Priest talks about her book, Boneshaker, as well as Alfred Hitchcock and why historical fiction or steampunk culture shouldn’t forget about the fun.

The Rundown:

  • For EVERYTHING Cherie Priest is involved with, please check out her website and twitter. Also, please purchase Boneshaker or the rest of her books.
  • Though we are lowly podtrash, WFMU’s The Best Show is a favorite of all of us here at War Rocket Ajax.
  • Check out my new hip hop blog, Self Titled (Eponymous) if you’re into that sort of stuff (like 1,200+ word write ups of old De La Soul records).
  • Though he won’t be contributing art to our show for a little bit, please continue to check out more of Rusty Shackles’ amazing work at his website, if you haven’t already.
  • Sims has been churning out great content at not only The ISB, but also at ComicsAlliance and Heavy.com. Please check them out if you get a chance.
  • Check out AdamWarRock.com for some fresh rhymes and dope beats.

Next Guest! Cherie Priest!

Our next episode is being recorded tonight, Wednesday, December 2, 2009, as we shoot the breeze with author Cherie Priest. We’ll talk to her about her fantastic novel, Boneshaker, as well as comics and all that jazz. Tweet or email us questions if you got ’em for her!

We’re working on getting our X-mas special together, as well as a big surprise for next week’s guest. Stay tuned, and your minds will be bloooown.