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Next Guest! Remender Pulls the Hat Trick! Ming Doyle!

Hey look! Reports of our demise were greatly exaggerated!  HeroesCon and the release of my single took an unexpected toll on our schedules (read: our motivation to make a schedule), but we finally got our ducks in a row and ONCE AGAIN IT’S ON.

Our first THREE-TIME GUEST, Rick Remender, is going to come on the show and talk to us about the new FEAR AGENT volume, as well as Frankencastle and probably more inappropriate fart stories.

Also, Ming Doyle of The Loneliest Astronauts fame will sit in as third chair for the rest of the episode! Ming has a pretty bitching sketchbook for sale, that all of you people should get at this link.

We’ll be recording on June 16 starting the party around 9PM EST. So the next episode will be up June 21. Yeah yeah, that’s like, far in the future. But we promise, we’re back on our regular schedule for the foreseeable….hey what’s that shiny thing over there?

The Coming Storm….THE X-MAS STORM


We are busy, and I mean BUSY, at work putting together the wonderful War Rocket Ajax X-Mas special. For now, stay tuned, b/c our LAST EPISODE of 2009 with Rick Remender will be destroying your earbuds come Monday. The WEEK AFTER on December 21, our X-MAS EXTRAVAGANZA will post! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! SO MUCH WAR ROCKET FOR YOUR EARS!

For now, if you want some more holiday cheer, check out The Christmas Letter of Dr. Doom over at ComicsAlliance. Or check out some hip hop writing at Self-Titled (Eponymous). See you guys on Monday!

Next Guest! Cherie Priest!

Our next episode is being recorded tonight, Wednesday, December 2, 2009, as we shoot the breeze with author Cherie Priest. We’ll talk to her about her fantastic novel, Boneshaker, as well as comics and all that jazz. Tweet or email us questions if you got ’em for her!

We’re working on getting our X-mas special together, as well as a big surprise for next week’s guest. Stay tuned, and your minds will be bloooown.

The Goggles. They Do Nothing


Hey ho. We’ve been busy ’round these parts, so the blog’s been a little slow on the posts. But we still got a new episode coming on Monday, with a roundtable of bros ready to answer your listener email. Make sure you send any and all questions and comments to for our next listener mailbag episode. It was a blast. No topics were off limits!

For now, I will say that we want to keep doing our best to bring you the best possible show we can. And it helps us massively if you leave us reviews on iTunes and comment on the site with feedback, comments, hate mail, and compilments. Whatever you want to say, just keep the conversation going!

I’m hoping to have a new song for one of our future episodes, and we have some special guests and surprises in the works. So stay tuned, and thanks for all the emails! New episode Monday!

We’d Like Your Emails


The War Rocket Ajax crew is going to have an episode where we read YOUR emails! So email the show at and ask us anything you can think of, whether it’s related to comics or not. We’ll read them on the air and answer them with some special guests!

Guest announcements coming up soon. It’s been a busy week, I’m still trying to get organized.

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!


Hey guys, Happy Halloween from Rusty, Sims, and me, the War Rocket Ajax crew! Handin’ out only the full size candy bars at this house, kids.

We’re recording Episode 11 tonight with the inimitable James Lucas Jones, editor of Oni Press. We’ll be in costumes while we record. I promise. One word for what Chris is coming as: Psylocke. Yeah, let that haunt your nightmares.

Tweet or email your questions and make sure you check all apples for razors this weekend.

(Photo courtesy of The ISB).

Doppelgangers EP – Free Music

Euge here. My hip hop music EP is now available for free download, recorded with fellow emcee Charles Knox. All original music, recorded over the last year. Check it out at this link, and I hope you enjoy it.