I’m Glad Y’all Set It Off. And the Seventh Guest!


If you haven’t listened to Episode 61 of the Awesomed by Comics Podcast, which contains their diss track to the War Rocket Ajax crew, I suggest you do it right now. Here, here’s their link. No, even better, here is an embedded player for you to listen to it right here on this site:

I want everyone to hear it, so that when our response debuts on next week’s episode, you can even further appreciate the lyrical murderpocalypse that will occur in your ears.

As if you needed ANY more reason to listen to Episode 7, our guest is going to be Benito Cereno, author of Tales from the Bully Pulpit, Hector Plasm, Invincible Presents Atom Eve, and the forthcoming new Tick series from New England comics. We are recording with him TONIGHT, so if you have any questions, email or tweet them at us son!

Ajax out.

Episode 6 – The Hard Questions w/ Laura Hudson

Comics journalist, blogger and industry professional Laura Hudson stops by to talk about professionalism in comics journalism, women in comics, and her personal history of being a cashier at a comics store. Also, Matt Wilson stops by again, as we talk about a very special 1990’s comic phenomenon.

The Show Rundown

  • Our guest: please read Laura Hudson’s work at Comics Alliance. Check her out on twitter here. Also, be sure you check out her series, “Don’t Be That Guy” on Comics Alliance.
  • Marvel Swimsuit Pic 1: The Wasp
  • Marvel Swimsuit Pic 2: Dr. Strange
  • Marvel Swimsuit Pic 3: Captain America
  • Read Andrew’s dead on review of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 at his site, Armagideon Time.
  • For more examples of the de-nudifying effect, like artists turning thongs to bike shorts, check out this post from Dave’s Long Box.
  • Check out Awesomed By Comics and their response to “W.R.A.” The beef is on, EVIE AND AARON.
  • Check out Matt’s website, The ISS, here. Check out Matt on twitter here.
  • Make sure you read Chris’s hilarious ongoing “Worst of Netflix” series on Heavy.com.
  • If you like interview shows, check out my other podcast, The People You Don’t Know.
  • I cannot believe I got this episode edited and this post up on time with the SPX madness this weekend. If I forgot something in the show notes, I’ll be updating it throughout the week. I just wanted to get the show up in time. I am going to collapse now.

Sixth Guest! Laura Hudson! The Hard Questions!


We’re recording our sixth episode tonight with Laura Hudson, lead blogger of Comics Alliance, contributing editor at Publisher Weekly’s Comics Week, and former senior editor at Comic Foundry magazine. She’ll be talking about comics journalism, as we ask her the hard questions that Chris and I are so well known for.

Be emailing or twittering your own hard hitting questions for Laura tonight. We’re going to start recording with her at 9PM eastern time.

Podcasters Act Like They Don’t Know

Hollywood Boulevard

Ahem. Euge here….So let me explain. You all know how much of a hip hop head I am. Sometime in late high school, early college I began rapping at parties as mostly a goof. As college went on, I put together a home studio and recorded some demos and began performing live shows. And then after a long hiatus, I recently started working with some producers to put out some proper music in the form of a hip hop album that is forthcoming.

I was joking with Sims online that I was going to make a “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-tune)” like song about War Rocket Ajax. And this weekend, while I was recording some other tracks and had the equipment set up, I chopped up the instrumental and then wrote out a street anthem to the D.O.A. beat. And after blowing up Sims’s inbox, he convinced me to post this. So here it is.

(Track) or listen:

I’ve already been told by Evie of Awesomed by Comics that the beef is on. So let this also be a challenge to any comics blog/podcast out there that wants to start rap beef with the War Rocket Ajax crew. I will answer, and I have the second instrumental loaded in the chamber. That goes for you too, Jeph Loeb.

Otherwise, all in good fun. HOVA.

Episode 5 – Awesome Approach w/ Jeff Parker

We’re just three new kids on the block, swingin’ it, as Jeff Parker stops by to talk about his new title Underground, as well as his experiences working  on Agents of Atlas, Thunderbolts, Mysterius: The Unfathomable, Interman, and everything else that he does. We intended to talk about the “Awesome Approach” to writing comics (Jeff’s choice), but really we just ended up talking about MODOK, Yo! MTV Raps, and the history of new jack swing. Also, a surprise guest in the imaginary studio, and Chris and Euge ramble about comics a lot.

The Show Rundown

  • Our guest: for all things Jeff Parker, check out his website at Parkerspace. Also, follow him on twitter. BUY Jeff’s stuff as well on the sidebar or on Amazon. Seriously, he told us he really loves money.
  • Check out Jeff and Steve Lieber’s new title, Underground, colored by Ron Chan. Go check out the website. This Steve Lieber guy may end up going places.
  • Here’s the cover where all the Avengers become MODOKs. And here’s a pic of Truman Capote showing up in Age of Sentry.
  • For a history on new jack swing, check this out.
  • Please stay tuned to Between the Panels, hosted by William Goodman. We’ll end up on there soon enough.
  • Big Ups: to Chris’s bromantic hater.


  • Chris has started a new series of posts at Heavy.com where he takes on the Worst of Netflix. Check it out.
  • September 26-27, if you’re in the DC/MD area, please come to the Small Press Expo. For more information, check out the website. And be sure to keep an eye out for me (Eugene) and let me know you listen to War Rocket Ajax!
  • Sorry about the awful voice I had this week. I’ve been recovering being sick this week, folks, which is why I kept mum during a lot of this ep. Send good vibes this way.

Fifth Guest! Jeff Parker! Awesome!


Our next guest is Jeff Parker, writer of Agents of Atlas, Mysterius: the Unfathomable, and many other titles. He’s going to be talking about the “Awesome Approach” to writing comics, which was chosen specifically by Mr. Parker himself. I assume he’s going to tell us what this approach exactly entails (i.e. writing like Jeff Parker), but I’m fairly certain we’ll still have plenty of time to talk about everything we would’ve talked about had we actually decided on a focused topic that we inevitably would have abandoned two minutes into the interview when someone brought up MODOK.

Be around on Friday night, and email or tweet relevant questions to me or Chris.

(image pulled from Dr. K’s)

Episode 4 – All Ages w/ Colleen Coover

We’re back from our Labor Day break with artist and writer, Colleen Coover. Our topic is “All Ages,” as we talk to Colleen about writing for both younger and older audiences, ranging from the younger themed Banana Sunday to her more adult-oriented title Small Favors. We also talk about how our habits of comic buying and reading have changed since childhood, and have a long, detailed discussion about what it’s like working for Marvel, the distinctive traits of a monkey, and the concept of new jack swing. Also, a special guest stops by to address a hater.

The Rundown:

  • This Week’s Guest: If you want to find out more about Colleen Coover’s work, please go to her website here. Also, check out her books on Amazon.. We also cut out some discussion of it, but I highly recommend you read Colleen’s story, The Boogeyman, in the collection paperback, Sexy Chix. It is a gorgeously drawn and emotionally beautiful story, and is one of my favorites.
  • Also be sure to check out Matt Wilson’s hilarious work at the great website, The International Society of Supervillains here.
  • Jay-Z’s The Blueprint 3 is now available to actually, y’know, buy. Download it now.
  • For reference: new jack swing.
  • Please check out Tom Katers’ awesome podcast, Tom vs. The Flash here. Thanks for the mention, and congrats on the wedding, Tom!
  • Check out the comics podcast, Awesomed by Comics here. Evie, we’ll work on shoving in that Tony! Toni! Tone! reference, I promise.
  • To the Haters: Hey The Yellow Dart, big ups! Hey Chris’s hater, big ups!
  • Also, please check out Chris and me on Episode 96 of Television Zombies, where we talk about Anita Blake! Thanks again to Chris Piers for the invite.

Rusty Has Too Much Time


Rusty went back and did art for Episode 1 with Matt Fraction. What’s that you say? You haven’t listened to Episode 1 yet? Go now! It was a simpler time back then. Also, click on the above pic for full size art by Rusty.

Colleen Coover is the guest next Monday. And remember how I said we were recording with our next guest this week? We bumped it to next week so our news and talk wouldn’t be completely out of date again. Check out Episode 4 on Monday to see who that guest will be.

Break’s Over — Lotsa News


We’re back from our break (“we” meaning “me”) and ready to launch the War Rocket back into regular schedule. For now, might I refer you to our archives on iTunes or URL? Check out the first 3 episodes and let Matt Fraction, Caitlin Kittredge, and Jess Nevins blow your mind with awesomeness.

Colleen Coover joins us for Episode 4, and that episode will post next Monday, as the show will go back on a week to week basis after that, barring any unforeseen circumstances. Stick around to the blog this week to see who our next guest will be, as we’re recording Episode 5 this week.

Speaking of the blog, we’re considering bringing in a couple of bloggers to put regular content on the blog, some related to comics, some related to other pop cultural areas (movies, television, video games, genre literature, etc.).  If you are a regular reader of this blog, consider this post to be the floor open to discussion about what kind of a site you’d read, or wouldn’t read. But please leave comments, as it would help us get an idea of how many regular readers we have on the site.


Are you planning on being at the Small Press Expo this September 26-27 in Bethesda, MD? If so, I’m going to be running around recording audio snippets with any and everyone who’ll talk to me in an effort to cobble together an SPX podcast episode. I know a bunch of our friends will be there, and those jerks from Let’s Be Friends Again.

Very simple, if you and your comic/company want to be featured on War Rocket Ajax, please email the show at WarRocketPodcast[at]gmail.com to make sure I know to look for you and grab a quickie interview with you to go up in our episode. If you’re just going to be attending, please feel free to say hi and record a quick snippet for the show too!

Also, seriously. Give it up to Rusty Shackles for the weekly art the guy is hammering out for us. He’s the man.

Enjoy the short week. We’re going to keep bringing it soon enough.

Fourth Guest! Colleen Coover! All Ages!


Even though we’re taking Labor Day week off, we’re still recording our fourth episode with our special guest, Colleen Coover, tonight around 9:30 PM eastern time. You’ve seen Colleen’s work in Marvel’s Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers, X-Men: First Class, and others, or in her own titles Banana Sunday (with Paul Tobin) and Small Favors!

Our theme is “All Ages,” so we’re going to talk to Colleen about drawing and writing comics for both a younger audience and adults, as well as our changing sensibilities about comics from childhood to grownup-dom. Or whatever. We count as grownups, right? I mean, just because Sims still has Batman sheets doesn’t make the guy a CHILD does it? Sheesh, you guys are so judgmental. Anyway, twitter us questions for Colleen tonight! Here’s Chris! Here’s me!

Chris and I also appear on the Television Zombies podcast this week, where we have a commentary on the Anita Blake comics that Chris annotates over at the ISB, and the coming TV series based on the comic in 2010. Thanks to Chris Piers for giving us the spot. Go check it out!

And also, previous guest Caitlin Kittredge‘s fourth Nocturne City novel, Witch Craft, was released yesterday. Go buy it now!