Word Heavyweight Champion

Our 2015 project is assembling a list of the 100 greatest comics quotes ever written!

The list so far:

  1. “Do good to others and every man can be a Superman.” – The Last Days of Superman
  2. “It’s clobberin’ time!” — Fantastic Four
  3. “Lord Death Man came back to life using secret yoga tricks, but I resurrected myself with the strength of righteousness.” – Batman, Jiro Kuwata’s Batmanga
  4. “You don’t get it, boy. This isn’t a mudhole. It’s an operating table. And I’m the surgeon.” — Batman, DKR
  5. “You brought a you to a me fight.” — Sexcastle
  6. “Miss.” — Preacher
  7. “Well! Here comes ol’ Charlie Brown! Good ol’ Charlie Brown…yes sir! Good ol’ Charlie Brown. How I hate him!” – Peanuts first strip
  8. “I own Airwolf.” — Achewood
  9. “But I am the revelation! The Tiger-Force at the core of all things! When you cry out in your dreams, it is Darkseid that you see!” — Forever People #3
  10. “Doomed planet. Desperate scientists. Last Hope. Kindly couple.” -All-Star Superman #1
  11. “Samantha Brown, you have to get our of there! Your vagina is haunted!” – Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose #53
  12. “Don’t mess with me, lady. I’ve been drinking with skeletons.” – Hellboy: The Island
  13. “Yes, it is his gift to us, friends. The cosmic hunting license! The right to point the finger, or the gun!” – Forever People #3
  14. “I love you.” — Rewind, Transformers: More than Meets the Eye
  15. “Then we’ll go down that old shark’s mouth together — and beat her to death from the inside!” -Big Barda, Mr. Miracle
  16. “It’s never as bad as it seems. You’re much stronger than you think you are. Trust me.” — All Star Superman #1
  17. “He stood alone at Gjallerbru, and that answer is enough.” — Thor #362
  18. “You didn’t really beat me! You’ll never beat me! I’m just too stupid and ugly to know when to quit!” — The Thing, MTIO Annual #7
  19. “I’ll love you ’til the goddamn stars go out.” – Jesse Custer, Preacher #66
  20. “I don’t need a jetpack. All I need is HATE.” – Punisher 2099
  21. “It’s bears!”–Punisher: Welcome Back Frank #4
  22. “Welcome to the X-Men, Kitty Pryde. Hope you survive the experience!” — Uncanny X-Men
  23. “Try the red one.” — Ikari, Daredevil
  24. “Darkseid is.” — JLA #13
  25. “Love or hate. Life or death. Betty or Veronica.” – Life with Archie #1
  26. “This is an imaginary story. Aren’t they all?” – Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?
  27. “I love you, Lois Lane. Until the end of time.” — All-Star Superman #12
  28. Ain’t no closing time, boys, but you gotta leave your guns at the door.” – Hitman
  29. “I’ll be tougher than the toughies and sharper than the sharpies, and I’ll make my money square.” – Scrooge McDuck
  30. “It was a nice piece of work, Kingpin. You shouldn’t have signed it.” — Daredevil: Born Again
  31. “Godzilla got busy.” – Godzilla vs. Barkley #1
  32. “If you knew how much you were loved, not one of you would raise your hand in rage again.” — Superman, JLA/Hitman #3
  33. “Face it, tiger. You just hit the jackpot!” — Mary Jane Watson
  34. “Ultron. We would have words with thee.” — Thor, Ultron Unlimited
  35. “You should have brought more Thors.” — Thor: God of Thunder
  36. “Seeing two trains make love is a very rare, very special sight.” -Tales Designed to Thrizzle vol. 2
  37. “These no-nonsense solutions of yours just don’t hold water in a complex world of jet-powered apes and time travel.” – JLA Classified #3
  38. “You gotta be one of the good guys, son, ’cause there’s way too many of the bad.” — Preacher #9
  39. “I’m loyal to nothing, general, except the dream.” – Daredevil: Born Again
  40. “That’s for me to know and for you to die!” – Dr. Dinosaur, Atomic Robo: OTher Strangeness
  41. “I did it thirty-five minutes ago.” — Watchmen
  42. “Professor X is a jerk!” — X-Men 168
  43. “The world must never again make the fatal error of mistaking compassion for weakness, and while I live, it won’t.” — Captain America, Avengers #6
  44. “Gaze into the fist of Dredd!” — 2000 AD / Judge Dredd
  45. That bullshit little man ain’t my brother! He’s just a crappy little bullshit man! Everyone can see that!” – Ray Smuckles, Achewood
  46. ”I’ll admit: if I were a gorilla and got super powers, I’d probably want to exact revenge on humans, too.” – Robin, Jiro Kuwata’s BATMANGA
  47. “Nobody dies. It’s a rule.” — Flash #54
  48. “The straitjacket’s kindergarten. Locks too. Bench-pressing a pine coffin lid through six hundred pounds of loose soil, crushing your lungs flat and shredding your dehydrated muscle? That’s difficult… but far from impossible.” – Batman #681
  49. Where’s my money, honey?” – Luke Cage, Hero For Hire #8
  50. “Princess, I’ve seen the way you look at me. You’re not that straight.” — America Chavez, Young Avengers #18
  51. “I was a god, Valeria. I found it…beneath me.” – Doctor Doom, Fantastic Four #611
  52. “Never worry what other people think of you, because no one ever thinks of you.” -Saga #12
  53. “Darkseid always hated music.” — Final Crisis #7
  54. Compared to you, I’m Chris Isaak.” — Starman #4
  55. “No more mister knife guy.” — I Can Kill Anything
  56. “The world be damned. Doom endures!” – Fantastic Four #9
  57. “Gentlemen. They say when you die, you can’t take it with you, which begs the question: Exactly what am I going to do with all these bullets?” – The Punisher, Secret Wars #1
  58. “If you think payback’s bad, you haven’t met Frank Castle.” – Punisher: Born #1
  59. “Who’s faster is a question children ask, not friends.” — Hitman #48
  60. “Whatever knows fear burns at the touch of the Man-Thing!” — Man-Thing
  61. “Death Race 2000! I am President Frankenstein!” — Nextwave
  62. “I’ll kill you to death!” – Superman Prime, Countdown #3
  63. “You pursue me past your dying! Are you man or fiend from hell?!” — Batman #244
  64. Yeah, well, I have flames on my chest. It’s a lot to live up to.” – Rodimus, MTMTE #18
  65. “The L word? You mean…lesbians?” – Scott Pilgrim
  66. “Calling Batman! Big trouble in Internet 3.0!” – Batman Inc. #7
  67. “Come with me if you want to be awesome.” – Young Avengers #1
  68. “Crom help me, I’ve slain a man tonight, not a beast.” – Conan, Rogues in the House
  69. “The future is worth the fight.” – Martian Manhunter #1,000,000
  70. “It’s just us in here together, and we’re all we’ve got.” — All-Star Superman #12
  71. “Try fighting the Wermacht, mister — It teaches you focus!” — Cap, Avengers vs. JLA #4
  72. “You’re everything great about this country and you don’t even know it.” — Hitman #34
  73. “This is a sample of my fist!” — Luke Cage, Hero For Hire
  74. “Robots. Pirates. Hulk Hogan in paradise. I ain’t impressed with a thing.” – Stone Cold Steve Austin, WWE Superstars #9
  75. “Not enough gun.” — Saint of Killers
  76. “Nothing good comes from hate.” – Pluto
  77. “Fight for a world that hates and fears them!” — X-Men
  78. “Love has no point. Love is the point.” — Wildstorm Spotlight: Mr. Majestic
  79. “You’re pretty good, toots, but me? I’m magic.” — Daredevil #181
  80. “I look back over the last 4,000,000 years and realize there have only been two constants: Hate and you.” – Megatron, Transformers #22
  81. “I used my violence on them!” – Atomic Robo
  82. “I’m the best there is at what I do, and what I do isn’t very nice.” — Wolverine
  83. “Live, Scott. Live. All I ever did was die on you.” – Jean Grey, New X-Men #150
  84. “With great power comes great responsibility.” — Amazing Fantasy #15
  85. “Look, kiddo. You can’t take on all the problems of the world. We’re just a few kids, and neurotic weirdo misfit outsiders at that.” — Boom Boom, New Mutants
  86. “My God. Nobody helped you?” — Captain America, The Truth #7
  87. “I have shown him that a man without hope is a man without fear.” — Daredevil: Born Again
  88. “When you’re as good as I am, this is humble.” — WicDiv #4
  89. “If there is nothing but what we make of this world, brothers, let us make good.” – Beta Ray Bill in Secret Invation
  90. “I didn’t come here for a whisper. I want to hear you scream.” — World War Hulk
  91. “Even though I’ve never wanted a drink more, I’ve never needed one less. Let’s go.” — Iron Man #230
  92. “Let’s none more goth this hole into the ground.” — WicDiv
  93. “You think I’m working with Superman? Back to cop school, guys!” — Action Comics #3
  94. “To me, my X-Men!” — X-Men #1
  95. “Criminals are a superstitious and cowardly lot.” — Detective #33
  96. “Only a bitter little adolescent boy would confuse realism for pessimism.” — Flex Mentallo
  97. “The police wouldn’t think to look for your body on Saturn!” — Injustice: Gods Among Us
  98. Just as I expected. Bekor was unfamiliar with the 19th Century wrestling holds that I am an expert in!” – Abraham Lincoln, Flash #210
  99. “Okay, suckers, you took your best shot — now it’s my turn!” — X-Men 132
  100. “Wrestling’s a sport, the only TRUE sport! No wimpy time outs, no padding or protection!” — Sting, WCW Comics

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