War Rocket Ajax is the world’s most destructive comics and pop-culture podcast.

Often, hosts Chris Sims and Matt Wilson sit down with a guest for a free-form discussion and interview. Many of those guests come from the world of comics, but have also included actors, TV creators, even professional wrestlers.

Other times, Chris and Matt hand out awards to their favorite comics, bring in fellow commentators to discuss comics culture, or answer listener questions. Each episode includes segments where the hosts recommend some of their favorite pop cultural items and review the comics of the week. They also talk about barbecue a lot.

Co-host Chris Sims is ComicsAlliance’s senior writer, a freelance comedy writer and a comics creator. His work includes the Oni Press online graphic novel Down! Set! Fight!, the digital comic Dracula the Unconquered and the webcomic Awesome Hospital. He has written for Wired and Grantland, among other prestigious publications. He loves Batman.

Producer and co-host Matt Wilson is the author of the The Supervillain Handbook: The Ultimate How-to Guide to Destruction and Mayhem. He’s also a ComicsAlliance contributor and writer of the webcomic Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective. His work has appeared in The Huffington Post and McSweeney’s. He loves Spider-Man.

They were both contributing editors at Cracked magazine. THE Cracked magazine.

5 thoughts on “Mission”

  1. Dear War Rocket,

    I found out about your podcast three days ago and right now I only have this to say “You would have to be an idiot to say that you heard one episode and didn’t like it because your podcast is the meaning of amazing.” Please let the rest of your podcasts be as incredible as the last.

  2. My first episode was the one where Matt tells a 20 minute story about trying to get a pair of pants to match his suit. I’m not sure why that hooked me.

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