Episode 1 – First Issues w/ Matt Fraction

In our historic first episode, Chris and Eugene talk about first issues and new beginnings with Matt Fraction, esteemed writer of The Uncanny X-Men, Invincible Iron Man, Casanova and many other titles. Hear the answers to the questions you’ve always pondered, such as: What comics did Chris and Eugene first purchase? What fan atrocities have been committed against comic and sci-fi writers? And what is Matt Fraction’s favorite new jack swing song? (click on the pic for full size art by Rusty Shackles)

The Rundown:

  • For more information on Mr. Fraction and all his work, check out his website at mattfraction.com. He is also on twitter at @mattfraction.
  • The webcomic Matt was referencing was from Chainsawsuit.com. Specifically, this one. I suppose if you want to read Let’s Be Friends Again, then you can go to their website. But they didn’t draw a comic about Locutus of Borg, so screw them.
  • Big Ups To All My Hatershate on it.
  • Follow Chris and Euge on twitter, and livetweet questions to us for all future guests!
  • iTunes feed will be up soon. Apple has to approve of our awesomeness before it goes live to the iTunes podcast store. For now, just enjoy the site and keep staring at Rusty’s awesome banner.

21 thoughts on “Episode 1 – First Issues w/ Matt Fraction”

  1. For some reason I’ve been thinking about a Chris Sims podcast lately, and now my wish has come true! Here’s hoping it lives up to its awesome potential. The music is a good start!

    I’ll stream it from here, and then download the mp3 and seal it up, unlistened to. You know those first issues always go up in value…

  2. Um… was Fraction being kind of a tool by the end? Or was that just an act?

    Fun podcast, though. Looking forward to the next one.

  3. If by “kind of a tool” you mean “awesome”, then yes. Yes he was.

    Chris, you were probably frowning b/c your comic wasn’t clever enough to come up with the Borg joke first. And our show just exposed LBFA for it. I demand the Enthusiast don a laser-scoped eye goggle.

  4. Head and shoulders above other comics podcasts. This’n is entertaining from start to finish. Very much dope. And it has Queen in it. Fuckin’ A.

  5. Guys: Just finished the podcast with Fraction, and it was awesome. So rare to hear a creator on one of these podcasts give an honest criticism/assessment re: another creator’s work (in this case, Tony Daniel on Batman RIP). Nice podcast all around.

    I’ve never followed anything you guys have done before, just discovered you today. Look forward to following this site and new podcast!

  6. OK, that was great. I’ve subscribed to the feed.

    I was in a line for an Art Adams/Jeph Loeb signing in San Diego, and there was a tall dude in a UCLA shirt behind me. Rob Liefeld just walked right up to him and chatted about UCLA sports for a couple of minutes… he was very friendly, and I felt bad for occasionally numbering myself among his haters. The difference in height between Liefeld and the dude in the shirt just made it that much more surreal.

    Plus I kept hearing Sims-as-Rob say “Well… are… are you mad? Cos I’ll do it again.”

  7. Great first episode guys. Fraction is indeed awesome. Bonus points for a Casanova update- I haven’t heard anything about it in some time (and no one brings it up in the interviews he does for “comic news” sites…).

  8. Great start guys!
    It really did feel like a conversation more than an interview and I liked the fact that you allowed Matt Fraction to turn the tables and ask you guys questions.

    That said, if your mission statement is to talk to comic-book creators about general culture rather than just about comics, that looks like it will take a little more focus.

    (And frankly Eugene since Chris has the attention span of a fruit fly you are going to have to do the heavy lifting on the focus thing.)

    As an example, on this program where you were talking about new beginnings and first issues, one way that you could have used that to springboard from comics to general culture would have been to talk about first issues in other mediums – first albums, first films in a franchise, first novels in a series, pilots of TV series and how they compare to first issue of comics. (Matt even gave you the entry to talk about that one, but sadly you whiffed on it.)

  9. Hey Mike. We’re totally intending to spread it to other media and pop culture elements. I think we were just so glad to be recording the first episode, getting our sea legs about us, and talking to Mr. Fraction (whom we did have legitimate comic book geek questions for), so give us some time to find the groove. We do appreciate your constructive comments.

    And Chris’s attention span is more like a puppy dog or a child who loves shiny objects. Fruit fly is a bit unfair.

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