What the #$%@#$ is War Rocket Ajax?


It has to begin somewhere, right?

I host a podcast called The People You Don’t Know, which is an interview show where I basically just find interesting people to talk to who are doing cool stuff online or in their communities. I had been a fan of Sims’ Invincible Super Blog for quite some time, and decided to cold email him out of the blue, asking him for an interview. He agreed, with the apparent excitement of his comment “How do you know me? And what is this for again?” and a lament that my interview was making him miss WMFU’s The Best Show that night. It was off to a fine start.

In any case, the interview went well, and we remained friends. As a former comic geek (who may be relapsing a bit these days), we had fun goofing and talking about whatever. And after I had decided to start another podcast project, this one a bit more focused on one particular topic, I approached Sims about being a co-host. He again responded with obvious excitement in the statement, “As long as I don’t have to do any work,” and lo and behold an internet team up was born.

I had interviewed several people involved in the comics biz for the PYDK podcast, and realized that they all were pretty funny and interesting people (except Chris and Curt. They and their webcomic Let’s Be Friends Again are thoroughly uninteresting). More than that, discussion about comics often became a springboard to a discussion about culture. And we realized, amidst the 80 gazillion comics podcasts, there wasn’t really a forum for comics people to talk about non-comics stuff. Sure, our show will talk about comics. Hell, we’re going to talk about comics a LOT. But every show, we’re going to use comics as a starting point to have a discussion with our guests about whatever geeky cultural kind of topic(s) we can think of. And hopefully it’ll be pretty funny too.

So everyone is welcome on board as we attempt to destroy the world with a podcast from too much awesomeness. They said it couldn’t be done, but then, they also said a man couldn’t walk on the moon. Yeah, those guys must feel pretty stupid now, huh? What with all those moon people and stuff. Psht.

Stay tuned. First episode is coming. Can you feel it? Nothing can save you.


p.s. –  sometimes Chris hits me and forces me to say I fell down the stairs.