Episode 9 – Championship Edition w/ Tom Peyer

Comics writer Tom Peyer stops by to talk politics and responds to the rabid fanbase of Legion of Super-Heroes once and for all. Also, Chris Haley of Let’s Be Friends Again sits in the third chair, as we discuss….well, you don’t want to know what we discuss.

The Rundown:

  • For more information on everything about Tom Peyer, please visit his website here. Also, Tom’s on twitter. Also, buy Tom’s works on Amazon.
  • Check out Let’s Be Friends Again at their website. Also, Curt and Chris are on twitter. Be sure you tell them “domo arigato” for me.
  • As mentioned in the episode, Telltale Games has come out with a new episode of their series of Monkey Island games. You can check out more on the website.
  • Keep checking out The Awesomed by Comics Podcast.
  • Big Ups: check out Sims’s best Draculas post on ComicsAlliance.
  • Sims has been churning out great content at not only The ISB, but also at ComicsAlliance and Heavy.com. Please check them out if you get a chance.
  • Check out AdamWarRock.com for some fresh rhymes and dope beats. Also, you can download the latest beef track there in mp3 high quality form.

14 thoughts on “Episode 9 – Championship Edition w/ Tom Peyer”

  1. And on the roof of the cap? Stormbreaker. Thor and Bill duking it out on the tailgate. I’m getting a custom grille designed to look like Thor’s armor. Man, I’m glad I tuned in this week.

  2. wasn’t it 3 Legion books at the same time?


    or am I just confused about the timeline

    oh and this podcast is fantastic keep it up

  3. Sims: It’s not just a SC thing, I have the same problem with the new Monkey Island. On a laptop that was new in January and a video card almost good enough to play GTA1V, TOMI causes the entire PC to shutdown unless I play at the lowest graphic setting, and at half screen. Great job with the podcasts (+ everything else – no haters here).

  4. wasn’t it 3 Legion books at the same time?

    Technically, you’re right, but L.E.G.I.O.N. wasn’t set in the 30th century, so while it’s a spin-off, it’s not quite the same thing. But in as much as Robin is a Batman title, yes.

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