Episode 10 – Halloween Special w/ Matt Sturges

SPOOOOOOKYYYYY. Get in the Halloween spirit with our guest Matt Sturges, as he talks about Blue Beetle, House of Mystery, and zombie princesses. Then, Evie and Aaron from Awesomed By Comics stop by, as Chris and Aaron engage in a Castlevania Trivia Contest to determine once and for all, how much does Simon’s Quest really suck?

The Rundown:

20 thoughts on “Episode 10 – Halloween Special w/ Matt Sturges”

  1. Chris, you made me SO HAPPY with your Robin costume confession.
    I also used to put on a superhero costume and ride around the neighborhood on my bike, looking for crime.

    I’d usually end up at the video store for some reason.

  2. I rode around in my Batman costume as a child… So yeah, right there with you.

  3. This was awesome, but I thought Chris was going to put up a picture of Mr. Mxyzptlk smoking a bus. We need to see it!

  4. That bit where Mxyzptlk turns the guys in the battle suits into airplanes totally freaked me out as well. I really think it may be the most gruesome death to have ever appeared in a Superman comic.

    I haven’t finished listening to the Castlevania trivia contest yet, but between you and me I’m rooting for Chris. Chris and Eugene are the best comics podcasts hosts in the world.

  5. thanks for making me laugh like an idiot on the train. now i can never take nyc public transportation again.

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