Episode 16 – Core Universe w/ Rick Remender

What do you get when you have Rick Remender on your show? A lot of talk about Punisher: Franken-Castle, punk music, and some absurd convention stories. What better way to close out 2009, as Chris and Euge talk also talk about Twilight, drink recipes, more listener emails, and a special holiday hater!

The Rundown:

17 thoughts on “Episode 16 – Core Universe w/ Rick Remender”

  1. Glad you got this one together. Wish I’d known you were recording it so I could get you to ask Rick to tell you about the time he stuck his balls through my home-made Jason Voorhees mask and walked around the hotel with it on his junk.

  2. Speaking of Older Guests

    Matt Fraction was confirmed today to be taking over Thor after Gillen with John Romita Jr. on art

    thought you’d all like to know

    excellent show as usual

  3. Remender was great. I like how he started slow, started ramping up when you were talking about Punisher in space and was totally ranting by the end. There should be a recurring segment where he talks about things that he hates.

  4. Well, Rememder’s views on “adult themes” in comics just sold me on finally picking up his Punisher TPBs.

    Great podcast as usual guys. I discovered these when Benito Cereno was talking about his interview elsewhere, and have been enjoying them ever since.

  5. A great, great interview, guys. I have long been a huge fan of the Remender and this one tops the interview he had in the Punks Summer Special where he was a fish.

    The only regret being that Rusty didn’t get to draw him as FrankenCastle!

  6. Also, just because I read the Hitman Christmas Special the other day, just wanna mention that hearing Remender’s talk about how to do the Punisher right in the core Marvel universe reminds me of how awesome Hitman was.

    I don’t mean to trace all things back to Garth Ennis – and certainly not to knock what Matt and Rick have been doing, which is awesome – but that man in a way set the standard for a “core Marvel universe Punisher” atmosphere as well with Hitman.

    Which means that it’s saying something when I consider FrankenCastle to be pushing even Hitman’s boundaries. And if this all amounts to us once again getting a Hitman-like comic every month, then I’ll be good and happy for the next couple of years.

  7. I just want to say, before anyone tells me, I know that I said “like” in this episode every other word. It’s something I am vowing to break in the new year.

  8. Because I’ve only just now heard the back half of the episode…Euge, I just want to be the jerk who points out the irony of your hater story in relation to that story you told about Ghostface on the throne in concert several episodes ago. (Believe it or not I remember that!)

  9. I actually just finished listening to Episode 15 today. I’d like to thank you guys so much for asking my question regarding Sebastian O. I’m honored to be part of WRA continuity. Hopefully someone will pick up Seb O and maybe that Grant Morrison guy will finally get some recognition.

    Also, I started Ep 16 and it just flew by. What a geniusful freak Remender is.

    During Euge’s story all I could think of is KC fainting on stage.

    My favorite moment on WRA was during that trivia showdown when the other guy asked what the schoolgirl died from. I laughed for a good minute in the car while my wife was all “what up with that?”.

  10. @11. Posted this before listening to the rest of the podcast where Sims a) admitted he drinks like a girl and b) recounted the trauma of friends hating on him for drinking like a girl.

  11. Another great episode guys. I’ve been a fan of Rick Remender since Strange Girl (looking forward to the hard cover, but upset it’s such a limited print run, don’t know if I’ll have the funds to drop like that in time). Anyways, he’s a cool guy and it was a good interview.

  12. Euge, I hate to be a nay sayer but come on, dude… Twilight the movie was the definition of offensively bad. Like to the level of turning to my wife in the theater and breaking my rule of “don’t talk during the movie” just to say “they’re f*ckin kidding me, right?” during that Sound of Music sweeping shot sequence of them gazing into each others’ eyes… But I gotta give you that I did ask the friend who dragged us to it what happens in the next book. (and you’re right, TF2 was worse, but I pin that on the minstrel show contained within).

    That said, you guys rule. Keep the podcast goin, it makes my commute tolerable.

  13. Great podcast guys, have been following since the beginning and I think this is my favorite podcast so far. Great guest who seems to be as crazy as you both and that created good chemistry. When Chris told him about the Punisher in space history and how he just went nuts was solid gold.

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