Episode 26 – Eisner Nominated

Euge and Chris are back this week, and we mostly just talk about nonsense. Comics come up, sorta. It’s a shorter episode with new theme lyrics and more twitter questions than you can shake a stick at.


The Rundown

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38 thoughts on “Episode 26 – Eisner Nominated”

  1. Guest ideas:
    -Seanbaby http://www.seanbaby.com/
    -Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster (imagine, if you will, Chris attempting to explain a comic to Scharpling, who thinks this is some literary Best Show spin off. Hilarity and lifetime bans ensue)
    -Greg Rucka (probably could do a whole thing summing up his time at DC)

    Show length:
    I actually like the longer form of the shows, but then again, I have loads of unemployment infused free time. Perhaps the show that is posted on the iTunes podcast could be the streamlined version, with WarRocketAjax.com housing the extended version.

  2. You’d be surprised how often ICP get all upbeat and shit intermingled with the crazy murder rap. I went through a phase where I was a minor Juggalo (no, not any face paint) back in my loser highschool days and there are at least a couple happy hopeful songs. Leading up to the 6th Joker Card where they revealed that the murderous dark carnival they sang about every album was in fact literally the Christian God.

    You cannot make this shit up.

  3. I love the new format guys. Shorter=better. That’s not to say I didn’t also like the older, longer podcasts, but I’m part of the group of listeners who catch-up at the office between 9-5, and I’d be ok with a 4hr sessions too.

    Maybe you could split it up! Regular Warrocket AJax (65min), and for the office crowd, Euge&Chris Uncut (170min)!

  4. At the risk of being all wishy-washy, I like both lengths equally. I think the issue is does the content justify the length. If you are interviewing – I don’t know – Denny O’Neil, you have my full permission to go as long as you can keep him on the line.

    if you are interviewing Ken Lowery:
    Theme – Euge: Hey! Welcome to War Rocket Ajax with our special guest Ken Lowery – Sims: Oh damn that’s all the time we have War Rocket AJax OUT!

    And between those two extremes just find a happy medium depending on who the guest is.

  5. Forgot to comment on guests and length and the like – I don’t 9-5 or anything so I listen to the whole damn thing every time and still have time for the Adam Carolla Podcast daily and whatever it is else I do.

    Guest ideas, hmm. More artists would be good – JH Williams makes me wish I could draw non-squiggly lines. I’ve been missing Brian K Vaughan since his forums closed. Tony Harris is pretty approachable via his forums @ Jolly Roger Studios website, and has a pretty good sense of humor too.

    Perhaps a showdown with Mark Millar?

  6. I’m gonna have to agree with Llakor here – content should determine run time. I listen primarily at work, so that gives me something like 40 possible hours a week to play WRA in the background (please do not make a 40 hour podcast, IT would kill me for downloading it).

  7. I love the long format. I like to listen to you guys during my workouts, so I’d love 5 to 6 hour podcasts every week, though I understand that probably isn’t achievable. Nevertheless: longer=better.

  8. I am all for the longer shows. Figured I would comment just to add my vote. How can you hate more content? I figure people can just listen to it in segments is they were really concerned with time (I’ve done it before). Anyway awesome show guys and congratulations on being EISNER AWARD NOMINATED Chris.

  9. Another vote for the longer shows. I find that the two hour show is great for the last hour of work, plus the walk home and then just enough left to keep me motivated to do housework.

    I also enjoyed the reworked theme, although I was sad at the lack of WOYAH~! now. Every song needs some Ultimate Warrior.

    And guest suggestion: Esther Inglis-Arkell from 4thLetter. Just to see how long she and Chris can talk about Batman uninterrupted.

  10. Guys…I am pretty upset about your coverage of ICP. Do a little research and you will see that the “Big Magnet” companies are pushing money at scientists to hide the truth about magnets.

  11. I like both formats also – maybe just mix it up from time to time? The interviews are what make it longer, but they are all quality listening, so I don’t mind them.

    Also, another vote for Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “T.R.O.Y.” as fav old school hip hop song.

  12. I love the new theme. The bits with Amadeus Cho and Kitty Pryde on the bullet made me go, “Oh snap!” out loud. Fortunately, I was in my car and didn’t have to worry about publicly embarrassing myself.

    I’m also for the longer podcasts. The more WRA, the better.

    And along the lines of BringTheNoise’s suggestion, maybe you could get both Esther and David Brothers from 4thLetter and have a Fourcast/WRA crossover like you guys have had with Awesomed by Comics. The fact that David is a fellow writer at ComicsAlliance should make it even easier to set up.

  13. I say keep the longer format. The podcast is like hearing two friends get together and talk, and I get to listen in, which is great.

    Also, Rump Shaker is not a booty bass song. Not enough BPM.

    Also, also; the correct answer is:

    5. Tootsie Roll – 95 South
    4. Whoop! There it is – Tag Team
    3. My Boo – So So Def All-Stars
    2. C’mon and Ride It (The Train) – Quad City DJs
    1. Bombs Over Baghdad – OutKast

  14. Any given week a particular segment could go long, and cutting out good content because of time seems arbitrary (especially interviews). Sims mentioned once that part of the Caitlin Kittridge interview got cut simply due to time, and that’s too bad. Tangents like ‘bag of salt’ may be off-topic, but are funny and worth listening to.

    WRA is a podcast and listeners have a whole week to finish a show. An episode should be as long as it needs to be. I like the longer eps, but I also don’t want WRA to cost Sims and Euge too much time or money. Hour-long or even 15 minute-long WRA shows are infinitely better than no WRA (February sucked).

    You might want to imitate Real Time with Bill Maher. HBO releases each show as a single podcast episode, and material cut from the televised show as a separate podcast episode.

    Guest suggestions: Non-comic book cartoonists, like RIchard Thompson (Cul-De-Sac), or Tom Batuik (Life Sucks and Then You Die Horribly, Screaming). Illustrators, like Steve Brodner or Chrissie Zullo. Musicians, especially DJ Ruckus Roboticus, or maybe you can use your Kevin Church -> Ming Doyle connection to get Neil Cicierega (also, Ming Doyle). Other comics peeps: Jess Fink. Erika Moen. Lucy Knisley. Aaron Alexovich. Jason Yungbluth.

    Stray observation: DID YOU KNOW in Funky Winkerbean, the character who’s wife died of cancer, they had gotten married in a pizza joint on Halloween dressed up as Batman and Robin?

  15. Chris I’m sure you know They Reminisce Over You.


    As far as show length goes, I probably prefer shorter shows. But only because I have a limited amount of time to listen to podcasts. But I think the show should be as long as it needs to be. If the interview is going well, keep it going and I’ll keep listening.

    As far as guests go, I hope you’re still trying to get Tom Katers on. He’s got the funny and the insane comic memory.

  16. Well, longer is better, but this week you showed that you know how to use something that’s a bit shorter and you’ll get no complaints from me.

    Well, one complaint. I’m pretty sure you’re to blame for the innuendo in that previous sentence. I don’t know how, but I’m passing the buck anyway.

  17. I agree longer shows are absolutely better. You guys never really get boring, even when you’re talking about hardcore gangsta rap or some such thing I would normally have no interest in. Also that ICP song is terrible and I have been laughing at the idiocy of “Fucking Magnets” since yesterday. Thanks guys!

  18. I’ll be the voice of dissension and say that the longer shows were not working for me. A two hour long podcast is a huge block of time that isn’t good for listening to during down times. Keeping a fast pace is a good thing.

    As for guests, how about some guys who have been at it since the silver age? Or at least since the seventies. If Chris doesn’t mind giving some air time to his competition Roy Thomas started with comic fandom at the point where it began, transitioned to comics, has been editor-in-chief of Marvel, written more stuff than I can count for just about every company, and is publishing a magazine. I bet you guys could find something to talk about.

  19. I prefer shows of up to 90min, but if you have more that you need to say, then there shouldn’t be any problem with you going over a bit. I admit, I have skipped over some of your longer interviews, except for your Pak/Van Lente.

    As for show guests; aside from the obvious writer/artist, have you guys considered having musical guests with comic-type connections? Do you have the pull for Wu Tang? MF Doom? What about more directly related artists like MC Lars, MC Frontalot or MC Chris?

  20. I’m all for the longer shows. I think you guys are at your most interesting when you or your guests go off on long, rambling tangents. In many ways, it differentiates you from other simple Q&A shows. I feel like a lot of that would be lost were you to try and force a brisker pace.

  21. I would only think 2 hours was too long if I ever felt like there was time wasted on the show, and I mean, I don’t consider a 20-minute discussion of Funky Winkerbean “time wasted.” Two hours is great when it’s filled with great material and wonderful interviews. Personally, I never start a podcast like yours with the expectation of finishing it in one sitting, so length is not really an issue for me.

  22. Don’t feel that you have to cut the show shorter than necessary. I enjoyed the 1 hour-ish show but it can also work when the show is longer. Its up to you guys but I’m all in favor of longer shows. I don’t always listen to them all at once but if I enjoy them then I listen to all of them.

  23. I gotta say shorter is better. You guys are a lot of fun to listen to, and spout more hilarious/interesting stuff per unit of time than most but it’s still worthwhile to boil it down a little into all killer no filler.

    Regarding this show – perfectly reasonable to pick “Freaks of the Industry” or “Gutfest ’89” as your favorite Digital Underground songs. The real question is whether anyone would not choose “Sex Packets” as best DU album.

    Without checking (because that’s more fun) I don’t think Rakim has ever cracked the Billboard top 10 (albums or singles charts). Maybe the R&B charts? He may be immune to KRS-One’s ultimate weapon.

    I like the idea of getting some musical guests on the show and I’ll bet you have some readers/listeners to one or more of your many projects who are at least moderately well-known musicians. I absolutely love the theme song Eugene came up with and I was baffled when you suggested someone might ffwd past it.

    Chris – if you come out to SD this summer will you have a booth? It would be nice to be able to come by and thank you for all the hours of entertainment.

  24. Long time listener, first time commenter.

    I like the longer shows. It seems like you’ve given a lot of time to your guests, rather than just being self-indulgent; I think that the longer format is justified. Plus, I like the chemistry between you guys, so I don’t even mind any self-indulgence that much.

    I do wish you’d use some positive adjectives besides “fun” and “great” every once in awhile, though.

  25. I love the longer shows. As far as guests, Tom Katers of course, but Frulinger, man! FRULINGER!! THE FRICKIN’ COMICS CURMUDGEON!

    Sorry. But, you know, seriously.

  26. I’m for the podcasts being as long as they need to be. If a particular guest bulks up an episode past two hours, so be it. I can tell you that the extended sessions with Mike McGee/Tamas Jakab and Tom Fowler made “must purchases” out of El Gorgo and Mysterius, respectively.

    And I can totally pick a fave DU track that’s not “The Humpty Dance”. Ever since college, I’ve been going steady with “The Way We Swing”.

  27. Okay, this Big Ups segment is easily one of my top 5 moments from the show. Funniest sh#t. You can not make this up.

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