Sad Face Goes Here

Sorry guys. We are not going to have an episode next week. It’s my fault, with work piling up for the weekend and editing time looking grim, I had to make the executive decision and say no show for you this coming week. I welcome slaps and/or wacks with wooden sticks.

Would it make you feel better that after next week, we have five (that’s right FIVE) pretty big, awesome, crazy, funtastic and radical guests already scheduled? And that going up to HeroesCon, we are going to see a lot of new faces ’round these parts? Would it? WOULD IT?!

All that I can say is sorry, Charlie. Check out Awesomed by Comics if you want some comic book podcast goodness for your ears to devour for the week when no Chris, no Euge, no haters, and no Flash Gordon music. Pour a 40 out.

CORRECTION: In a previous episode, it was mentioned that friend of the show, Dr. K, was NOT a fan of Speed Racer. Turns out, he IS a fan of Speed Racer. An awesome fan. So stop sending him hate mail. We are sorry, Andy. Though, THAT one was more Chris’s fault.

3 thoughts on “Sad Face Goes Here”

  1. Please keep the doing the longer shows. I have a tragically long car ride twice a week and your show and the always lengthy ‘Comedy and Everything Else’ are the only things that make it bearable.
    What kind of fool says “no thanks” to more free entertainment?

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