Episode 59 – The Time Is Now f/Christopher Hastings

This week Chris and Matt welcome Dr. McNinja artist/writer and recently named Deadpool: Fear Itself writer Christopher Hastings to the show! We talk with him at length about Dr. McNinja, Deadpool, influences, cursing in webcomics, the classic action film Commando and much more! If that wasn’t enough, we’re also joined by Ajax Hundo Club member Evan Guidry, and Chris takes on a hater on the topic of versatility!

The Rundown

  • Follow Christopher Hastings on Twitter, and read his article on Comics Alliance listing the top five Deadpool moments!
  • In case you had any doubts about the greatness that is Commando.
  • We ask again that anyone who’s considering donating to WRA this week instead send that money to the Red Cross to help the people devastated by the earthquake in Japan. Alternately, GlobalGiving also has a Japan relief fund.
  • To those who don’t like it when we talk about chicken and/or barbecue: Tough for you this week.
  • Oh, hey! I didn’t talk about it on the show, but I’ll be hanging out at C2E2 in Chicago this weekend. I’ll be the guy with the beard, the longish hair and the horn-rimmed glasses. Say hi!
  • Chris’s Rec: Pokemon Black
  • Matt’s Rec: Deadwood on Blu-Ray
  • Evan’s Rec: Gothic Doll
  • Music used: “No Treaties” from the 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles album, “Coming Out of Their Shells”

Comics Talked About:

  • Batman Incorporated #3
  • Venom #1
  • PunisherMAX #11
  • I had to cut it for time (yes, I cut things for time), but I talked about the first trade of The Sixth Gun. It’s great, and you should buy it.

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7 thoughts on “Episode 59 – The Time Is Now f/Christopher Hastings”

  1. Would it be brazen of me to ask if you guys are looking for a new poster artist?

    Because I’m a big fan of drawing things for no monetary compensation.

  2. Your talk of Deadwood Matt only reminded me that my 2 favorite HBO shows got kneecapped right when they were hitting their stride, Deadwood and Rome and while Rome ‘ended’ better than Deadwood it still had so much that it could tell.

    Also all this talk of Webcomics make me have to ask if you guys are reading The Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschl it is an absolute delight.

  3. Well, I listened to the song, and it inspired two thoughts.

    One, while the lyrics are terrible, it’s still an amazing entrance song, far better than Cena himself deserves.


  4. That McGangBang isn’t anything new – though that’s a pretty awesome name for it.

    Last millennium I had a job at Mickey D’s that I’d gotten right out of high school, and since the workers could get food free a lot of the time, making sandwiches that had a burger, a chicken patty, and a fish patty was pretty common.

    The biggest bit of McDecadence that I saw while I was there was the apple pie sundae. We used a nine piece chicken nugget box since it was right shape, but you lay down an apple pie in the bottom, cover it in soft serve, and then put a bunch of chocolate or caramel syrup on top.

    Absolutely horrible for you.

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