Volume 2, Episode 11 – Full-on Single White Female f/Chris Roberson

This week, we welcome back the Alec Baldwin to our SNL, outgoing Superman writer Chris Roberson, for his fifth appearance on War Rocket Ajax! Chris sits down with us for an in-depth discussion of his Superman #714, the last appearance of pre-reboot Supes, why the issue with Sharif never hit the stands, how his run ties in to All-Star Superman and DC One Million, Superman’s favorite movie, what Stan Lee’s really like, his upcoming Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes crossover, and much more! Plus, we welcome another member of the Hundo Club, Derek Lancaster, who may just be attempting to become one Mr. Chris Sims.

The Rundown

  • Chris Roberson is on Twitter here and be sure to check out his website.
  • Watch this Sprint ad closely to catch a glimpse of Starborn, the comic Chris writes for Stan Lee’s imprint at BOOM! Studios. It pops up around the 0:23 mark.
  • Here’s a good look at the original S-shield design Morrison and Quitely were going to use in All-Star Superman.
  • We’ve mentioned it before, but the Grant Morrison documentary, Talking With Gods, is on Hulu.
  • Some industrious soul has posted Chris R.’s favorite episode of the ’90s Superman animated series on YouTube. Chris S. and Matt’s favorite isn’t all up there, but here’s the big scene.
  • Jedward? Proms? The Queen? These are the things about the UK we just don’t get.
  • Derek’s checks and recs: Nintendo 3DS, Cheers
  • Chris’ checks and recs: Birthday (part deux), Assassin’s Creed II
  • Matt’s checks and recs: Copernicus Jones comic starting Sept. 1, Supergods
  • Music used: Jimmie Cross, “Super-Duper Man” (thanks to listener Baxter Pancake for the suggestion)

Comics Talked About:

  • Journey Into Mystery #626
  • Daredevil #2
  • X-Men: Schism #3

Shameless Self Promotion:

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8 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 11 – Full-on Single White Female f/Chris Roberson”

  1. The way I found to play Assassin’s Creed was that when I attracted the attention of the guards, I killed them until they stopped bothering me.

    So… yeah, in the game I was not so much an Assassin as the personification of the Black Death.

  2. I picked up Superman #714 based on the recommendation on WRA. It was highly enjoyable ~ I’m glad I bought it!

    You’re welcome for the song suggestion. Happy to contribute!

    Did Matt say “a-tweetin'”???

  3. Some people say that Chris Roberson made lemonade out of the lemons of JMS’ Grounded. This is not true.

    Instead he somehow turned the Lemon-Shaped-Rocks from the Shelbyville episode of the Simpsons into Arnold Palmer.

  4. Glad you enjoyed Assassain’s Creed 2, Chris! The multiplayer in AC: Brotherhood is really inventive. I’m loving Schism. Jason Aaron’s writing is great. It would be super cool if you guys could get Gail Simone on the Podcast at one point. I’d love to know what stories she wasn’t able to tell on Secret Six. Also, you should get Bendis and Uzumeri on a joint episode to hash out their (one-sided) differences.

  5. Three things:

    1. Spock. The green-skinned Star Trek alien is Spock.

    2. I’d love to see an ongoing team-up book a la World’s Finest starring Super Chief and Man-of-Bats.

    3. As far as the little boy slaver in Schism #3 goes, African slavery is still a huge deal in sub-Saharan Africa. It is still organized in countries like, I believe, Cameroon, where it is not uncommon for the buying and selling of people. This is basically the same area where Africans were selling their captured enemies to Europeans (some of whom went on to America) centuries ago. So it’s more a testament to the fact that Aaron probably knows this, and is using that as a background as opposed to it being some hacky twist.

  6. Interesting to hear how Roberson got to finish out “Grounded.” Glad he went his own way with it rather than sticking to the outline. A helpless, sadsack, condescending schlub in after school specials is not Superman.

  7. Hey, guys, just caught this episode; great stuff! I think you guys should consider making “Creator Annotations” a regular feature for episodes when you have writers or artists on. I was fascinated by Roberson’s walkthrough of #714.

  8. Popeye’s Chicken sells sweet tea by the gallon, although I’ve never had it myself so proceed at your own risk.

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