Volume 2, Episode 17 – Negative Juggalo Reaction f/Jeff Parker and Erika Moen

This week we welcome the team behind the webcomic Bucko to the show: Jeff Parker and Erika Moen! We discuss the often-raucous work environment at Periscope Studios, just how accurately Bucko depicts Portland, just what comics Juggalos are looking for these days, what Erika would most like to do if she was a guy, whether Bucko’s luck is going to change and much, much more! Plus, Chris and Matt answer a sexy question about Captain America!

The Rundown

  • Jeff and Erika are both on Twitter! Follow ’em!
  • Erika’s autobiographical comic DAR is all online, too!
  • Next of Kin. What a weird movie.
  • The man behind Chaos! Comics: Brian Pulido.
  • If you haven’t watched Stella, really guys, get on that.
  • iTunes says it could take as long as three weeks to get the show into the store. Sorry, guys.
  • Chris’ checks and recs: Ordering a Mac, cartoons, Donald Duck HC
  • Matt’s checks and recs: Wet Hot American Summer screening, Fake Criterions
  • Music used: Misfits, “Teenagers From Mars”

Comics Talked About:

  • OMAC #2
  • Action Comics #2
  • Casanova: Avaritia II

Shameless Self Promotion:

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3 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 17 – Negative Juggalo Reaction f/Jeff Parker and Erika Moen”

  1. Good times! Now I gotta track down NEXT OF KIN. Also, glad somebody else is fond of THE CHASE.

    To address Jeff Parker’s question — I spent my teen years with Clearchannel mainstream rock radio playing in my parents’ cars, where think the peak of music history was Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Pearl Jam and time had frozen at Woodstock ’99. This was in the early 2000s. It has not changed.

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