Volume 2, Episode 19 – Stone Tablets and Long Fingernails f/Andy Khouri and Caleb Goellner

Comics Alliance editors Andy Khouri and Caleb Goellner sit down with Chris and Matt this week for a roundtable discussion New York Comic-Con, and things go to weird, weird places. Among the topics: Lack of cell phone and wi-fi at the convention center leading to caveman tactics, Conan on a sailboat, Catwoman’s “stripper idiom,” the lack of big news at the con, Andy’s debilitating con injury, whether the Marvel layoffs were foreshadowed at all at the con, the best Power Rangers season, which one of us would look best in hot pants, violence against Michelangelo and much more! Plus, Chris and Matt take a biased stance in favor of Adam Warrock.

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Fear Itself #7
  • Atomic Robo: Ghost of Station X #2
  • Justice League #2

Shameless Self Promotion:

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6 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 19 – Stone Tablets and Long Fingernails f/Andy Khouri and Caleb Goellner”

  1. Not Bag of Salt, but this was fun to listen to. I think many/some/a few of your listeners enjoy the weird episodes more than the straight forward ones.
    Also, I thought Chris had already settled on a sign off.

  2. “Man I liked comics better when they smoked American Spirits” is my new catchphrase. Keep bringing back Caleb and Andy, podcasting needs more weird, half-joking bitterness.

  3. Not as insane as bag of salt but still, would like to see them back on the show sometime. Would love to hear more of Caleb’s bizarre ramblings.

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