Volume 2, Episode 29 – I’ll Wrestle You, Al Milgrom f/Mike Quackenbush

Chikara Pro Wrestling founder, wrestler, podcaster and comics fan Mike Quackenbush joins us for this week’s show to talk about wrestling his hero, his least favorite artists, how he lucked into a lifelong love of comics, why The Falcon is great, a little team called The Champions and much more! Plus, against their better judgment, Chris and Matt yet again discuss the topic of Insane Clown Posse.

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9 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 29 – I’ll Wrestle You, Al Milgrom f/Mike Quackenbush”

  1. I love the above photo, SIX BELTS?! Do they even have a word for that? A Sextuple Champeen? Oh wait, I guess I should listen to the podcast first.

  2. Your guys’ analysis of Justice League is pretty spot on. I want Batman to ALWAYS have a peel-able symbol on his costume. What I don’t get is I thought the Omega Beams were supposed to destroy ANYTHING and yet Superman is simply knocked out. Also, this series made the same mistake as Smallville in that you don’t have the origin start out by fighting literally the biggest villain in the DCU. It really should’ve been Doomsday or something.

  3. I agree completely with Mike Quackenbush. My introduction to Bart Sears was Giffen and DeMatteis’ Justice League Europe and I thought he was the shit. Then I saw his work on Captain America and the Falcon and then Warlord and realized it was straight terrible.

  4. Fun show, love seeing out of sorts guests (that I may have had a hand in directing to the show).

    My early ICP exposure was in 1995, my senior year in high school. I would take trips to Philly (and surrounding areas) for ECW shows. The trips would always be me, my younger brother and a rotating cast of characters. On the trips, we would take turns with the CD player in the car. My brother would also choose ICP. So many a long car trip would be with Shaggy 2 Dope & Violent J. Like Chris, the song “What is a Juggalo?” is a sentimental favorite.

    Then, years later, my brother & I stumbled upon the first “Stranglemania” VHS, which is Shaggy & J doing commentary over death matches from Japan featuring Terry Funk and Cactus Jack.

    It’s sad to say I’m a closet Juggalo.

  5. I used to be a massive pro wrestling fan, but how things are in the industry now (or rather circa 5-10 years ago) made me really lose faith in a lot of my childhood heroes. It’s wonderful to hear a pro wrestler (outside of Mick Foley, but let’s face it, guy has his issues) talking like a articulate, balanced human being. Here’s to you, Mike Quackenbush.

  6. I’m pretty sure Chris was right, Black Widow was the leader of the Champions, Angel actually specifically said she would be better when everyone thought he was about to propose himself. The Champions actually broke up in Spectacular Spider-Man #17, Peter Parker travelled right out to the west coast just to happen to be wandering by when the champions broke up.

  7. So this is the zenith of WRA! You guys need a giant, red phone that is a direct line to Quackenbush. You know, in case of emergency or boredom.

  8. ICP as a music act sucks, but as LFC alluded to above, their wrestling “promotion” was pretty entertaining. I have to say that seeing Ultraman wrestle a grizzly bear set to commentary such as “what the fuck is this, he’s stupid as fuck” made for a great time. The first JCW tape they released was pretty golden too. It featured a wrestler named “Fat Fuck Barrel Boy” who was described as being a “big fat fucking fat guy in a barrel.”

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