Episode 145 – Boat-Centric Emergencies f/Jason Baxter, Mac Hamilton and Derek Charm

The creators of Trip Fantastic, Jason Baxter, Mac Hamilton and Derek Charm, join us for this week’s show! We talk about their comics, but we spend a lot of time on their influences, mid-1990s adventure shows including Baywatch Nights and Thunder in Paradise! We also dig into our favorite Batman ’66 bad guys, designing t-shirts for K-Mart, influencing Mark Millar’s TV tastes and much more! Plus, we answer a big question about Kevin Smith!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Mara #2
  • Superior Spider-Man #2
  • Batman Inc. #7

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6 thoughts on “Episode 145 – Boat-Centric Emergencies f/Jason Baxter, Mac Hamilton and Derek Charm”

  1. Oh boy, Matt, that is a dangerous road to go down. My wife tried to play TWD with me. She became much more emotionally attached than I did.

  2. I tried to save the adult over Duck only because he looked to be the one in more immediate danger. Since he was pinned, he would need more help than the kid. Besides, Duck’s dad was on his way to help. I figured we’d each save one of them :-p

    I was wrong.

  3. One of my enduring memories of Batman 66 is that when King Tut tries to drug you with mind control Lemonade it wont work if you drink Butter Milk before hand.

  4. No joke, but I can listen to at least 90 more minutes of trash TV discussion as well as a Batman 66 tribute show.

  5. Oh man, it’s too late to submit a celebrity name! Great show, though, fellas. As far as Kevin Smith goes, I find him more frustrating than infuriating – I think he fell deeply into the trap of giving his fans what he *thinks* they want, (and he thinks it hasn’t changed much since the days of Clerks) and whenever he’s tried to get away from that, it’s been a commercial failure. So it’s understandable that he learned the wrong lessons from that.

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