Episode 148 – I’m Like Castle f/Josh Williamson

In advance of his new Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight story, Josh Williamson of Monkeybrain Comics’ Masks and Mobsters joins us for this week’s show! Topics of discussion include Batman, Batman, Batman, Batman’s origin, Batman, Alfred, Batman, and Christmas! Also other things. Also also: Another WRA Love Haters segment!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Justice League #17
  • Justice League of America #1
  • Vibe #1

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3 thoughts on “Episode 148 – I’m Like Castle f/Josh Williamson”

  1. Sadly, I already bought that issue of Masks & Mobsters when it came out so I can’t participate in freaking out Comixology. Disappointed that apparently no one cared about it.

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