Episode 150 – The Dubwitch f/ Matt Fraction, Chris Haley and Andy Khouri

Something is wrong on the show this week. Very wrong.

The Rundown

  • 1987’s Dragnet is an underrated classic.
  • David Bowie’s video for “The Stars (Are Out Tonight)” is really great.
  • In the Mood for Love is the sexiest movie about comic book writers.
  • “Chris'” checks and recs: Hiring a Batman wrestler, Winx Club
  • “Matt”‘s checks and recs: Missing money, Whitney Cummings special
  • Andy’s checks and recs: Trigger Girl #6
  • Haley’s checks and recs: The High Score, coming soon from Monkeybrain Comics!

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9 thoughts on “Episode 150 – The Dubwitch f/ Matt Fraction, Chris Haley and Andy Khouri”

  1. The only thing missing from this episode was bizarro Chris saying something was off the chain…or the business

  2. I did love the faux-Sims recommendation of the death trap fairy cartoon for teenage girls.
    Well done, Matt Wilson, well done.

  3. I am half an hour in and I am LOSING IT… and continually wondering how hard it was for Sims to stay so quiet.

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