Episode 151 – Sporty Active Touching f/Jai Nitz

This week we’re talking to the writer of Dark Horse’s brand new title Dream Thief, Jai Nitz! We discuss among other things, his work on The Batman Strikes, why he opted to set his new comic in the South, the Back to the Future sequels, the origin of Agent Nitz from Scalped’s name, St. Louis pizza, saying awful things at cons, and much more! Plus, the return of Big Ups to All My Haters!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Action Comics #18
  • The Private Eye #1
  • Justice League #18

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3 thoughts on “Episode 151 – Sporty Active Touching f/Jai Nitz”

  1. Hi, big fan of the podcast, love earing it every week.

    Is there any you can timestamp the time you review the comics in the show notes?
    In case i haven’t read them, i don’t want to spoil it when i do.

    Thanks for your hardwork

  2. I wonder if that Jay Mohr story has anything to do with that King of the Hill episode that was about basically the same thing.

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