Episode 158 – A Man Who Seeks Revenge f/Greg Rucka

Writer Greg Rucka returns to War Rocket Ajax this week to discuss his recent Kickstarter success with Lady Sabre and the Pirates of the Ineffable Aether! We’ll talk to him about what kind of caution pros looking for project funding on Kickstarter have to take, how Kickstarter can be a full-time job, the concept of vindication, why Batman has to be allowed to make mistakes, how that aether got so ineffable, and much more! Plus, Matt and Chris announce a brand new project!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Batman & Robin #20
  • Batman #20
  • Archer & Armstrong #0

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2 thoughts on “Episode 158 – A Man Who Seeks Revenge f/Greg Rucka”

  1. Awesome episode guys. I wish you could overextend these interviews if the guest and you both have the time, I really don’t mind to pause the player and keep listening the next day if episode length is what’s stopping you.

    Dream interview… Australian tag team with Rucka, Waid and Wacker talking about their time at DC and 52 and all the problems they had with Dan DiDio and the what they think of JMS’ work with Superman and Wonder Woman. Yes!, I want to see blood.

    I hate Audible, thanks a lot. I don’t own any sort of portable player that can play *.aa files, so… what a waste, but I hope me signing up did help you two out.

    I have a question… I remember that you had Scott Snyder as a guest not too long ago, and I remember that DC writers were instructed not to participate on podcasts or to have somebody from DC listening to the conversation the whole time, so… how did you do it?

  2. Excellent and fascinating interview! I love to hear from new writers and artists about how they broke into the business, but I absolutely heart veterans war stories from the industry. Rucka was a great guest…more, please.

    Also, I have a question about the rewards tier for donation. If you pledge $150.00, do you get both signed books along with the promotion of yourself or is it just the promotion?

    Thanks for the always entertaining podcast, guys.

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