Episode 182 – Hawk Talk f/Matthew K. Manning

Our guest this week is the illustrious author of The Batman Files, The Superman Files and two Tony Hawk books, Matthew K. Manning! We talk about, you guessed it, Batman, and even have a little impromptu trivia challenge. Plus, we discuss writing in Superman’s voice, writing about skateboarding without knowing anything about it, “cartoon” comics, and much more! Plus, a blood-sucking edition of the War Rocket Ajax Love Haters!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Forever Evil #3
  • Action Comics #25
  • Amazing X-Men #1

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5 thoughts on “Episode 182 – Hawk Talk f/Matthew K. Manning”

  1. Matt Manning was trying to remember “Birdplane” by Axis of Awesome, an Australian rock-comedy-parody group. It’s a parody of Five for Fighting’s hit “Superman”. I additionally recommend Axis’s “What Would Jesus Do?”, “How to Write a Love Song”, and “4 Chord Song” for starters.

    And thanks for a great show. Sad things happened today and WRA cheered me up substantially.

  2. Just finished listening to the Love-Haters list.

    Frank Langella is one of the best actors ever to live–if you haven’t seen The Men’s Club, it’s not a good movie, but there is a long sequence with Langella and Jennifer Jason Leigh that is simply nail-you-to-your-chair riveting. Also, Nixon/Frost, which I saw on stage; he did not so much play Nixon as resurrect him from his ashes and BECOME him.

    I will love George Hamilton forever for Zorro, the Gay Blade.

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