Episode 191 – Dames ‘n’ Such

This week, Chris and Matt are giving in and interviewing each other about their new comics, Down Set Fight and Copernicus Jones: Robot Detective! We talk about how Copernicus Jones started as a parody and turned into something else entirely, how Dog City and Who Framed Roger Rabbit were our introduction to noir, Down Set Fight’s early life as an NFL Superpro pitch, and how cartoony flashbacks actually make a family story work a little better. Plus, more entries in our ever-expanding catalog of Every Story Ever!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Empowered Vol. 8
  • Thor: God of Thunder #18
  • Aquaman #27

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3 thoughts on “Episode 191 – Dames ‘n’ Such”

  1. Very excited to see both of your opinions on what happened at National Pro Wrestling Day. Also, the updated list of Every Story Ever:
    Batman Year One
    Daredevil Born Again
    COPRA vol. 1
    New X-Men: E is for Extinction
    Batman No Man’s Land
    Teen Titans the Judas Contract
    Secret Six
    Spider-Man 2099
    Batman Year Two
    X-Tinction Agenda
    Maximum Carnage
    Civil War
    Heroes Reborn
    X-Cutioner’s Song
    New 52 Suicide Sqaud
    Maximum Cloneage
    Identity Crisis

  2. I was just thinking the other day that you guys don’t spend nearly enough time shilling your own projects.

  3. Matt: I’m a Chicago based in-home technician for what is almost certainly your cable company (and a long time listener). Believe it or not, a loose connection *can* cause severe signal issues due to how sensitive the network is now. I wish there was a way for *me* to help you out, but I will say that (based on what you’ve said) they’ve done almost everything they can do except replace the line that comes to your house. Also, I might recommend switching to a business line for your internet since you use it for this podcast and movie fighters (from which you make money). It’d be tax deductable and would have extra redundancies built in to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

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