Episode 224 – Hybrid Dracula f/ Rusty Shackles


Our old pal Rusty Shackles is back after a long absence from the show, and he’s talking to us about one of our favorite topics: Castlevania! We also talk about his cover art for the newest installment of the Boo! anthology, kung fu movies (obvs), the Nintendo 64, and much more! Plus, more Every Story Ever entries!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Thor #1
  • Men of Wrath #1
  • Grayson #3

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3 thoughts on “Episode 224 – Hybrid Dracula f/ Rusty Shackles”

  1. Big yes to continuing Every Story Ever next year, my suggestion didn’t make the cut but I really enjoy hearing your take on old comics I haven’t thought about in years, and discovering ones I haven’t read yet. If there are people that would be annoyed by a longer podcast they could just skip over that segment, I manage to bypass any wrestling talk just fine.

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