Episode 232 – No Kissy Opinions f/Kel McDonald

This week, we welcome the writer/artist of Sorcery 101 and Misfits of Avalon, Kel McDonald! We talk to her at length about urban sorcery television, particularly Sleepy Hollow, her positively massive new Sorcery 101 omnibus, Gambit, our yogurt-eating session at San Diego Comic-Con and much more! Plus, three more Every Story Ever entries!

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Secret Six #1
  • Shaft #1
  • Gotham Academy #3

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4 thoughts on “Episode 232 – No Kissy Opinions f/Kel McDonald”

  1. Wow, I really underestimated just how many ESE lists you guys received. Now I feel like a dick since I badgered Chris about it. Twice.

    Great show, as usual!

  2. My theory is Hawley ends up becoming the third horseman. He is hunting rare artifacts and I think it is to find a horseman medallion and knows his best bet is to exploit his past with Abby.

  3. The Ventriloquist in Secret Six #1 is the Nu52 version, a Gail Simone creation from her run on Batgirl. (Her origin was given in a “Forever Evil” special last year.) So that’s four pre-existing characters and two new ones.

    My biggest complaint with the art was that I literally could not follow the staging in the sequence where Catman misgenders Porcelain, but the lack of coffin-ness was a close second. Other than that, I actually didn’t have any problems–I thought the opening sequence with Blake in the bar was very visually dynamic.

    In general, I don’t think Simone is at her best with first issues. A lot of the power of her work, I find, comes from an accumulation of emotional moments that invests us in the stories and characters, and once a series gets running the payoffs can be tremendous. Her first issues tend to rush through introductions and incident as if the emotional depths were already there. So I just assume that for any series she does I’m going to have to take a few issues to warm up.

    (I know that there are readers who disagree, people who fell in love with specific characters in Batgirl or The Movement from their very first scenes. So maybe it’s just me.)

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