Every Story Ever Special: August 2019

We edge even closer to 1,000 stories ranked in this month’s Every Story Ever special!

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One thought on “Every Story Ever Special: August 2019”

  1. Having read Youngblood Strikefile recently I would not call it a story with good intentions, but not bad intentions either. The story doesn’t actually say anything about HIV. It’s a story where Chapel says “I want to kill my boss,” but then the boss says “no, you can’t, I gave you HIV. ” And then Chapel screams “oh no!” And joins Bloodstrike to be a murder zombie. This is a comic that weaponizes HIV and doesn’t talk about any of the trials and tribulations that HIV+ victims go through. It’s just the black mail device that the government use on Chapel to keep him murdering for them. I do however agree with how you rank it. I’m a big fan of Youngblood and am glad you talked about the story.

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