Episode 5 – Awesome Approach w/ Jeff Parker

We’re just three new kids on the block, swingin’ it, as Jeff Parker stops by to talk about his new title Underground, as well as his experiences working  on Agents of Atlas, Thunderbolts, Mysterius: The Unfathomable, Interman, and everything else that he does. We intended to talk about the “Awesome Approach” to writing comics (Jeff’s choice), but really we just ended up talking about MODOK, Yo! MTV Raps, and the history of new jack swing. Also, a surprise guest in the imaginary studio, and Chris and Euge ramble about comics a lot.

The Show Rundown

  • Our guest: for all things Jeff Parker, check out his website at Parkerspace. Also, follow him on twitter. BUY Jeff’s stuff as well on the sidebar or on Amazon. Seriously, he told us he really loves money.
  • Check out Jeff and Steve Lieber’s new title, Underground, colored by Ron Chan. Go check out the website. This Steve Lieber guy may end up going places.
  • Here’s the cover where all the Avengers become MODOKs. And here’s a pic of Truman Capote showing up in Age of Sentry.
  • For a history on new jack swing, check this out.
  • Please stay tuned to Between the Panels, hosted by William Goodman. We’ll end up on there soon enough.
  • Big Ups: to Chris’s bromantic hater.


  • Chris has started a new series of posts at Heavy.com where he takes on the Worst of Netflix. Check it out.
  • September 26-27, if you’re in the DC/MD area, please come to the Small Press Expo. For more information, check out the website. And be sure to keep an eye out for me (Eugene) and let me know you listen to War Rocket Ajax!
  • Sorry about the awful voice I had this week. I’ve been recovering being sick this week, folks, which is why I kept mum during a lot of this ep. Send good vibes this way.

15 thoughts on “Episode 5 – Awesome Approach w/ Jeff Parker”

  1. I wanted to say it first. Though it has been said I must still say it again.

    Best Art Ever.

    Will listen to the podcast now.

  2. Sweet Hardcastle & McCormick ref, Mr. Parker! I loved the scene in the MODOK/Avengers comic where they stop Attuma’s invasion by invading Lemuria. Perfect Avengers moment and perfect MODOK moment at the same time! Also the B story in the hip-hop Goom issue where Spider-Man struggles against impossible odds to keep innocent New Yorkers from hearing the villain’s boring origin story. Excellent podcast, gentlemen!

  3. I tried the Ultimate Alliance 2 game. I played it for an afternoon, and was so bored and generally unimpressed that I traded it in the next day.

    I just didn’t see much reason to keep playing it. It didn’t add anything for me beyond what I got out of playing the first game to death. And, the Civil War storyline just felt really tired and old — heck, I’m dying for the comics to move out of the “big story” where the bad guys are in charge (Civil War/Initiative/SI/Dark Reign) to something new– so going through the motions of the CW story now felt really- bland.

    I really didn’t understand some of the choices they made with this sequel– from the character selection to eliminating some of the variation in powers (4 only per character now) and alternate costumes (which went from 4 to 2– often 2 bad ones, as you talk about on the podcast).

    To make matters worse, I had just finished Arkham Asylum a week ago, and it was something special compared to this game– just a vastly superior experience on every level. There was almost no replay value to Arkham Asylum, but that first play through was truly sensational. Ultimate Alliance 2, however, just really didn’t do it for me.

  4. I now have this indelible image of Omar Little stalking the slums of Baltimore with a katana hidden under his trench, Highlander-style.

  5. Every week I think “Well, there’s NO WAY next week’s could be better”, and every week I’m proven wrong. War Rocket Ajax is fast becoming my favorite podcast. Keep it up, you guys!

  6. Nice guys, keep this up! This really is the greatest semi-comics/pop/hip hop-centric podcast that starts with the letter “w” in the world. jk…. Awesome guests, good repertoir between the MC’s… what can be better.

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