Episode 7 – Peace Rocket Ajax w/ Benito Cereno

What’s beef? We start off blazing with our new beef track against the Awesomed By Comics crew. Then writer Benito Cereno comes on the program to usher in October with some talk about Hector Plasm, as well as putting his own sorta-Internet beef to bed. We also have Kevin Church stopping by to address a particularly intense hater’s beef regarding a certain bodily function. All in this jampacked edition of War Rocket Ajax.

The Show Rundown

  • Our guest: Please check out Benito’s blog here! Check him out on twitter here.
  • The Tick! Ask your retailer to order it with the code: SEP09 0937. Or order it online here! You know you want it, suckers!
  • Our third chair: You can find out more information about Kevin at his website, or at Agreeable Comics, where you can also find all of his webcomics like: She Died in Terrbonne, The Rack, and The Loneliest Astronauts. Also follow him on twitter.
  • Read Sims’ Woman of A.C.T.I.O.N. over at Action Age Comics. And check out artist Chris Piers on twitter, or over at the Television Zombies podcast.
  • Check out our friends at the Awesomed By Comics podcast, where they put together a fantastic show!
  • If you’re not reading Nedroid, you’re missing out.
  • Kate Beaton, I’m sorry I accidentally emailed you a story about a microwave bacon cooker. Hope you can come on a future episode of War Rocket Ajax!
  • Please check out Nate Powell’s great graphic novel, Swallow Me Whole from Top Shelf Productions. Also, I said they were twins. They’re step-siblings. Sorry about that, but check it out, it’s a magnificent book.
  • Beat used is “On Golden Void” from Alex Goose’s compilation of submitted beats for Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3. Check them out here.
  • Big Ups! – Master Kevin Church wishes you big ups, sir. And Chris wishes you guys big ups too.
  • Make sure you read Chris’s hilarious ongoing “Worst of Netflix” series on Heavy.com.
  • If you like interview shows, check out my other podcast, The People You Don’t Know.
  • All links should open up in new windows. Sorry about that, streaming listeners! Though the sidebar amazon links may not, since those are autogenerated. And sorry about the size of this file, the bit rate was as low as it could go. Nothing could be done about it.

19 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Peace Rocket Ajax w/ Benito Cereno”

  1. On another note: it wasn’t NPR that originally broke HoboDarkseid’s identity news, but 40,000 twitter-follow-haver Warren Ellis that ruined the magic and killed our dear hobo.

  2. Rusty needs to start adding the additional guests to the artwork. So we can have a 3-team just like in MvC2!

    Haven’t listened to the ‘cast yet, comments on that later…

  3. That’ll be a part of War Rocket Ajax: Championship Edition Vinny, I ‘ve been planning that for a bit actually. The next week’s art will be a bit of a unique one, but after that the 3rd chair person will be on the pic in a fashion, stay tuned!

  4. 1) Euge, the whole world knows you as The Dapper Gent. A smooth, cosmopolitan sort. The Tango to Sims’s Cash, if you will. But I’m still consistently surprised that you have no Haters of your own. This is the second or third time WRA has brought in an illustrious Guest Hatee and I have yet to hear of one person hating on you. Do would-be Haters fear your battle rap skillz? Do you just refuse to give your Haters big ups? I ask because if you’re just so beloved that you have no Haters then your example might usher in a golden age for humanity.

    2) Deathlok should wear a Betsy Ross flag on his chest to pay tribute to his Colonial origins.

  5. -Zeek – A downloadable track is forthcoming with an announcement for a music project.

    -Tim C – I am not sure. I am ready for haters though. Please feel free to hate.

  6. First off…AwesomedByComics, cool podcast and all…but the first five seconds of the ‘cast guarantee that they ain’t winning this beef.

    Second, Benito Cereno’s awesome, I must look for his horror stuff now (despite my being a fan I’ve never read those) and I cannot WAIT for the Tick ongoing. I have serious hopes that this will be the greatest Tick comic since the original classics.

    Third, though I generally consider Tick Live Action as a step down from most of the stuff (but really, it was insanely hard for it not to be), I have to agree that Batmanuel was awesome.

    Fourth, Benito, I will tell my friends I will only lend them my copy of Bully Pulpit from now on if they agree to give you six dollars ๐Ÿ˜€

    Fifth, looking forward to the upcoming stuff, Rusy ๐Ÿ˜€

    All around, great ‘cast, loved all of Benito’s stories and insights (cannot agree more with him and Sims on vampires, kee-rist yes!), loved the super size, and again, best opening ever.

  7. I haven’t made it to the New Jack Swing question’s farewell yet, but I hope the topic isn’t completely retired until you guys can fully explore the New Jack/comic books nexus, like determining whether Another Bad Creation were the Power Pack or the Runaways of the New Jack Swing universe.

    If War Rocket Ajax can’t handle these issues, who can?

    Anyway, don’t worry about the size/length of the podcasts, they’re totally worth it.

  8. And having just not checked the links…yeesh at the Johnston link. And I don’t (just) mean the hater.

  9. Email KB and tell her that! Since I accidentally only email her stuff about bacon.

    As for the new jack question, I think it might have been cut out of the show in the interest of time (I think it spiraled off into other topics) but he picked Motownphilly, which was a fitting way to end it.

  10. Thomas Paine’s most famous pamplet? Common Sense.

    Thomas Paine’s second most famous pamphlet? Deathlok: The Infernal Man-Machiene #1, published in May 1785.

  11. I have to admit that the 1785 version of Deathlok did have a pretty lame costume with his powdered wig, tri cornered hat and puffy pants. But the pennyfarthing he used as transportation was pretty cool.

    (Did they have pennyfarthings back then? Does’t matter because if only one man had one it would have been Deathlok.)

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