Episode 8 – The Bonus Round w/ SPX 2009

It’s the Bonus Round! As our resident artist Rusty Shackles debuts on the War Rocket Ajax program. Matt Wilson a/k/a King Oblivion PhD comes back to talk about the Marvel Swimsuit Issues. I go to SPX 2009 and report from the floor. And we talk about the conclusion to Planetary and take your twitter questions for US. Who can smash the car FASTER?

SPX Show Notes:

  • First and foremost, for all information about SPX, go to the website.
  • Everything about my co-host Alvaro is at his website, Here Comes the Thunder. To hear the Everything is Wonderful guys intervewed on PYDK, check it out here.
  • Check out more of Joe Dunn and Phil Chan’s work at DigitalPimpOnline.com
  • For more information on Liz Baillie’s stuff, check out her website. Also, check out the winners of this year’s Ignatz winners and Nerdlingers winners.
  • You can see all of Phil McAndrew’s stuff at his website, and hear him interviewed on PYDK here.
  • Check out Box Brown’s works at his website, as well as his webcomic Bellen.
  • For more information on Colleen and Marianne’s dedication to Lumberjack Day, as well as The Field Guide to Lumberjacks, go to the website.
  • Also I guess check out Curt and Chris at Let’s Be Friends Again.

Show Notes:

  • Swimsuit pic #1: click here
  • Swimsuit pic #2: click here
  • Check out Rusty’s Covered Blog Spiderwoman piece here! Also, be sure to head over to his website for more of his awesome artwork.
  • For more info on Matt and The ISS, check out the website. Here’s the article that he talked about in the haters segment, written by Dr. Puppykicker.
  • Check out Chris’s Comics Alliance facebook article here. Also everywhere else it was linked to this week.
  • Check out the War Rocket Ajax crew on the Between the Panels podcast, Blackest Night Special Rise #3 at the website here.
  • Check out AdamWarRock.com and let’s get this party started quickly right?
  • Holy mother of god, how many show notes did we have?

20 thoughts on “Episode 8 – The Bonus Round w/ SPX 2009”

  1. I’m totally pleased that the Let’s Be Friends Again dudes decided that calling your character Ayn Rand is a terrible insult.

  2. Thank you, thank you, this is what I’ve been missing since ComicPants went under, a GOOD group comics podcast! (and no offense to other group comics podcasts out there, but…yeah) I certainly don’t want the Euge+Sims interview duo to go away but I unironically love hearing people squabble about Warren Ellis from time to time, and I actually want to check out Planetary #27 now.

    Also, Euge I think you have to factor in the idea that if you have a girl zombie that makes the male the couple’s spokesperson, which most guys’ll probably dig. And as said girls will dig it too as Twilight proves.

  3. Just a quick thing: Trans was first and Neil Young got bitched out by his label who wanted him make a more “traditional” rock album so in response he did Everybody’s Rockin’. Regardless that was a fun show guys…


    Thanks guys. It’s nice that people still dug an episode without that guest to lure youse guys in, like the delicious carrot at the end of the stick. Also, Rusty’s smooth radio voice owns all of us.

  5. No barrels dropped from the conveyer belt?

    Though I imagine that would look awkward. And I always hated that stage.

  6. You know that barrel drop one did stink Vinny, NOT AS BAD as SF3’s “Sean’s gonna hit you with ABA balls and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it”. Supposedly you’re supposed to parry them, ALLEGEDLY.

  7. @deadlytoque – see the seminal “Enter..Zombie King” (the finest Canadian luchador zombie film I have ever seen!) for the treatment of lesbian relationships where one partner happens to be a flesh eating zombie. It’s not pretty. But yes, if the boys really want to sell out, take a lesson from Heroes and make the vampire and zombie both women!

    Also, awesome show.

  8. The read-along aspect of this (with the swimsuit issue pages) has to make this podcast the best ever. It’s like one of those record-and-book sets.

  9. Man, I just discovered these episodes where you cover the Marvel swimsuit catalogue. Funniest sh#t ever.

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