Next Episode! Bryan Lee O’Malley!


We are back in full effect for 2010! Sims and I have partied, rested, studied up on new ultimate fighting techniques and honed our podcasting skills. And we’re happy to announce that on January 12, 2010, we’ll be recording our first episode of the new year with none other than Mr. Bryan Lee O’Malley! Email or tweet your questions for him, and the new ep will post the week of January 18!

We’ll have more surprises in the show, with a special guest 3rd chair, a special new theme to kick off the year, new haters, new highs and lows, it might be too much for you to handle! So stay in your seats, and we’ll have the rocket back up and running in no time.

7 thoughts on “Next Episode! Bryan Lee O’Malley!”

  1. Holy Carp! What an awesome first guest of 2010.

    I’m curious what his favorite video game is. Also, his thoughts on the merits or lack thereof of Simon’s Quest.

  2. I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed (along with other cross-able things) for a Bryan Lee O’Malley interview, so this is terrifically wonderful news.


    You guys rock. This podcast already was the best comic podcast on the internet (seriously, look at my past comments), and now it seriously leaves all others behind so bad it isn’t funny anymore.

  4. Also, my question:

    As someone who has lived in Canada at one point and still doesn’t get it, how exactly does he define “Cape Bretonese”?

  5. I’m not sure if this is the proper place for this… but any who i had a request and i was wondering if you fellas could interview Gail Simone!

    I really want to know which of the Wu-tang is her favorite!

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