Episode 17 – Sensitive Asian Boy w/ Bryan Lee O’Malley

You gotta believe! ….that we have Bryan Lee O’Malley as our first guest of 2010. We talk to him about DUH! Scott Pilgrim and the forthcoming movie, Michael Cera, video games, and the sensitivity of Asian boys. Happy New Year everyone!

The Rundown:

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15 thoughts on “Episode 17 – Sensitive Asian Boy w/ Bryan Lee O’Malley”

  1. I’m assuming the barbecue question was on my behalf.

    And if Bryan Lee O’Malley is reading this, he should go to the Hickory Log in Forest City, NC. It’s worth seeing the scary white people for the barbecue and the hushpuppies.

  2. Is the emotional Asian guy a stereotype? Cause in my 26 years of living as an Asian guy I’ve never run into that. Unless you’re counting ultra-skinny-Asian-guys-with-super-spiked-Cloud-from-Final Fantasy VII-hair stereotype, which I’ve seen (all too many times).

    Also, Mega Man 5 I would also say is in the range of “good” Mega Mans. The enhanced Mega Buster and some great bosses. I mean, sure, there’s a boss that’s a train, but it’s definitely a fun game.

    Mega Man 6 though… as awesome as Shade Man may be, the game just doesn’t move as well as the old MM games. Plus the final Wily is pretty much something you need to get lucky against.

  3. I listened to the episode again and am I mistaken or did you guys refrain from the Air Horn outside of the intro song?

  4. Euge. Euge. EUGE!

    Dude. That intro track was hot fire. Did Ruckus produce that or was the beat from a track I don’t know? Iron Butterfly + Hip Hop + Comics = pure gold.

    Excellent BUTAMH this week. Larry’s a goon. Over the summer he got into it on Twitter with someone over his stupid remarks about “lesbo Batwoman.” The person calling him out had her/his location set to Tehran because of the protests there. Larry, being the well-informed gentleman he is, proceeded to post Tweets about how someone in Iran had no place talking about sex/gender issues and how he was so glad to be ‘Murikan because he could eat fast food and go to the mall. Now that I think about it, Laura Hudson may have mentioned this when you two had her on the show.

    The closest I’ve ever come to experiencing Larry was listening to one installment of “The Comic Couch.” Either Larry or one of his cronies talked for a bit about how he “hates” (not dislikes, hates) women with thin lips because he imagines every woman he meets giving him oral sex and the fantasy isn’t as fun if the woman doesn’t have full lips. That might not have been Larry, but the fact that he’d let that shit fly unanswered on his podcast tells me everything I need to know about the dude.

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