Episode 18 – For Kids! w/ Max Huffman

It’s our For Kids! episode! With Max Huffman of Mocktopus.com. We talk to him about kids these days, along with his future plans for Mocktopus and why he’s just such a darn scamp!

(Note: we had some audio issues with skype in this episode during the interview)

The Rundown:

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11 thoughts on “Episode 18 – For Kids! w/ Max Huffman”

  1. The way both Chris and Eugene were talking to Max and he back to you was so awesomely awkward. Like an uncle trying to relate to his teenage nephew the first time he ever met them.
    And Chris, I was also involved in an e-fed many moons ago (round 95-96). All I remember form those days is my character name was Fan Boy whose finisher was to hit his foe with a loaded holofoil comic book. Yeah, that’s much sadder.

  2. Chris’ old man stories about his teens were about stuff that happened when I was already an adult, which just added to the level of old-man bitterness coiled in my heart. Nice job!

  3. That was brutal.
    Absolute torture suffering through all those “…uuuuhhhhs”.
    You guys deserve medals for sticking that out and not faking a bad connection.
    Carry on!

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