Next Episode! Bronus Episode! Live to Tape!

What a crazy, busy week it’s been for…well, me. Probably others. So because we haven’t had time to schedule a guest AND I don’t have time to edit the episode, we’re going to be trying something interesting. Me, Sims, Rusty Shackles and Matt Wilson of The ISS are going to hop on board, hit record, and do it all the way live. No edits, no drop-ins, everything we say goes straight to the tape. We may take twitter questions in the middle, we may call random people, we may have surprises. And the winner of our hater contest will be joining us for a portion to tell us his hater story live on the show as well.

The party goes down at 9PM eastern tomorrow, eastern time (Wednesday the 10th), so EMAIL me questions at Seriously, any question you can possibly think of, we’ll be glad to answer.