Episode 22 – Edit Free Ajax (Bronus Episode #2)

Sims, Euge, Rusty, Matt Wilson answer listener questions. Our hater story winner tells his tale. No edits, all live to tape. Beers. God save all of us.

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The Rundown:

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16 thoughts on “Episode 22 – Edit Free Ajax (Bronus Episode #2)”

  1. In fairness: The comics website dude I talked about near the end of the book posted my excerpt chapter late last week and said nice things about it.

  2. “There’s no such thing as bad exposure”

    Gene Simmons’ kid would disagree – but it would still somehow be your fault.

  3. I freely admit to loving me some theodore roosevelt, but I gotta go with Chris on this one. Andrew Jackson is the guy whose dueling strategy was “I’ll let the other guy shoot me first” because he knew no pansy bullet was gonna kill him. He shrugged off getting shot in the chest by charles dickinson, took aim, and straight killed the guy.

  4. This doesn’t relate to this episode but I thought it deserved a public airing: you guys were absolutely right about Love and Capes. It’s completely charming and fun and I wouldn’t have given it a shot if it wasn’t for your episode.

    And Lincoln with a cannon in his hat could totally take Shang Chi; deadly hands or no a cannon ball to the face will take you down.

  5. I saw a ladder match at a small indy show where the guy climbed the ladder, was within reach of the belt, and then got a “Oh shit” look on his face before climbing back down and doing another 5 minutes or so of spots. It’s possible it was just a poorly executed “Gonna punish my opponent more” routine, but it seemed more like he just forgot the finish.

    But the best gimmick match is clearly the “I Quit” match. Exhibit A- Rock pulverizing Mick Foley with a chair. Exhibit B- Magnum TA coming this close to ripping Tully Blanchard’s eye out with a wooden stick before Tully finally gives up. Exhibit C- Steve Austin passing out due to blood loss, but never giving up against Bret Hart at WrestleMania 13. Yes, that was technically a submission match, but it’s the same principle.

    And on a serious note I do agree with Rusty about Chris’ GIRLS COMICS review. You were certainly fair considering you dislike the person, but you really did devote an inordinate amount of space to that one story. Nothing you said was untrue and I have no real idea who this woman is, but I’m not sure why this story was the centerpiece of the review.

  6. A couple of thoughts on the Scott Pilgrim/ Abe Lincoln fight:

    1) Lincoln is beleieved to have had marfan syndrom (or MEN2, and being full of tomurs is not likely to help either) which means one punch to the chest would cause his heart to explode. Scott Pilgrim punches normal dudes so hard they explode, just imagine what he would do to Lincoln

    2) The first ex that Scott Pilgrim defeats ambushes him in a theater. Lincoln’s track record for similar events is not so good.

    3) Scott Pilgrim has a sword made out of love, and that’s awesome.

    Scott Pilgrim wins hands down.

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