Episode 28 – That’s So Silver Age! f/ Tom Katers

Tom Katers, of Tom vs. the Flash, Tom vs. the JLA, Around Comics and iFanboy, joins us for the whole episode as we talk about D&D, Miley Cyrus, Silver Age comics, and well…anything else that comes up. This guy knows what I’m talkin’ about, right?

The Rundown

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14 thoughts on “Episode 28 – That’s So Silver Age! f/ Tom Katers”

    1. how would that work over the internet? Maybe if Chris and I are ever in the same city we can do a D&D sesh.

    1. I like how you think rejecting someone asking you to marry them when you have a bf and have only gone on one date as a “mean girl.”

  1. The only time I ever got a chance to play D & D was with a bunch of stoners, which may have impaired their ability in playing or running the game. That was 15 years ago.

  2. I know for a fact that Chris and some dudes used to play D&D over IM a few years back, so you can totally do it.

    And now my crazy racist people story:

    I used to work at Food Lion in high school. I’m sitting there stocking or something, and this black lady comes in and is ranting “I hate being black! I hate it!” She then turns to me and asks “Is it fun being a cracker?” I said “I guess” and kept stocking.

  3. Okay, am listening now, and HEY, I LIKED when Wolverine was all “Elf…” Because I am a softie!

  4. Your talk of Butterflies and catchy songs got the Reading Rainbow theme stuck in my head.

  5. Storm has died. She died in UXM #227, the end of the Fall of the Mutants storyline, when all of the X-Men who were present died. Colossus and Wolverine also died there. That’s going to leave Sunfire as the only Giant-Size X-Men new member who has not died. I believe that this current death is Nightcrawler’s first, but I have not read X-Men regularly since X-Cutioner’s song.

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