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Episode 28 – That’s So Silver Age! f/ Tom Katers

Tom Katers, of Tom vs. the Flash, Tom vs. the JLA, Around Comics and iFanboy, joins us for the whole episode as we talk about D&D, Miley Cyrus, Silver Age comics, and well…anything else that comes up. This guy knows what I’m talkin’ about, right?

The Rundown

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Next Guest! Tom Katers!

Our next guest, as many, many of you have requested, is Tom Katers of  podcast fame. You may know him from shows like Tom Vs. the Flash! Tom Vs. JLA! Previously seen (heard?) on Around Comics! And currently, a columnist at iFanboy. His Milwaukee Brewers have also eviscerated my Pittsburgh Pirates this month in a shameful, embarrassing manner.

We will be recording with Tom on Thursday, April 29 around 9:30 PM Eastern time. If you have questions, email them or tweet them to the show! You know where to find us!