Episode 33 – Ice Cream Cake w/ Rick Remender

Rick Remender is our first guest to pull a hat trick on War Rocket Ajax, as he stops by to talk about Fear Agent, Frankencastle, and colorful stories about ice cream and hardcore music. We debut a new format for the show, and Chris and Euge talk about Superman just walkin’ the earth n’ sh*t.

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23 thoughts on “Episode 33 – Ice Cream Cake w/ Rick Remender”

  1. If this is the third time Rick Remender has been on the show, why is the filename wra333remender[bdos[/b].mp3?

  2. If this is the third time Rick Remender has been on the show, why is the filename wra333remender[bdos[/b].mp3?

    Because it’s the second show where he’s been the featured guest. His actual second appearance was the Christmas Special, in which pretty much everyone who showed up became a two-time guest.

  3. Brent Weinbach is so awesome. IIRC, he was the guy on the Comedy & Everything Else podcast who was talking about how much he enjoyed the High School Musical movies. Euge, you might be interested in Joe Frank, a radio artist/monologist who Brent Weinbach is heavily influenced by, although Frank is more surreal and disturbing than funny. He is funny, though. He was also the voice of the computer in the movie Galaxy Quest.

  4. Man, Remender’s always so damn entertaining on this show. His whole explanation of that Punisher scene, and the events leading up to it, really made me look at it in a different light.

    Though I’m just gonna say, I’m disappointed that the fart stories promised in the end-of-show stinger didn’t materialize in the actual show.

  5. I take back the possible confusion. My guess is that Veronica Webb knows Laetitia Wajnapel, who you interviewed back on PYDK. That is something that is actually about fashion, not just tangentially related.

    1. Alan W. H. is on the case! That actually makes sense, though I’d like to hold out for the hope that Ms. Webb listens to “Ira Glass” while picking up her kids from daycare.

  6. And you said they closed Fantom Comics in the Pentagon City Mall. It’s been two years since I was last in DC, but do they still have a location in Union Station? That’s where I used to go. (Note: They are not actually listed on the directory in Union Station, but are right outside the escalators of the Metro station. Or at least used to be.)

  7. WAAAAIT a minute, Propagandhi interlude?! Oh, boys, thank you for that. And thanks for MORE REMENDER, MORE MORE MORE.

  8. DUDE

    “Turtle Power” is not by MC Hammer, it’s by Partners in Kryme. And it freakin rules. I’ve done it in karaoke multiple times.

    MC Hammer’s song on that soundtrack is “This Is What We Do”.

  9. I had a thought while reading all the comments about both JMS’ Superman and Wonder Woman stuff–I wonder if either should have been introduced through 10-page prologues. Because I’ve read through the interviews about both projects, and the ideas that he’s putting out sound SO MUCH BETTER then what I’m reading on the page. I wonder if they should have just let the anniversary issues be their own thing, and then just cold introduced both in Superman #701 and Wonder Woman #601, where he’d actually have 20-30 pages to really flesh out what’s happening. I dunno, just a thought.

    I also fully approve of a Chris Sims roast. 😀

    1. Unfortunately (to all of you), we have not gotten the questionnaire. Not sure if Rick was offering it up to the public, but we’ll check with him and get back to youse guys soon.

  10. I would also enjoy/benefit from seeing that questionnaire, if it does turn out to be something Rick would want to share.

  11. Man, as someone who is also from Arizona, I can so relate to what Rick was talking about when talking about Republicans.

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