Episode 34 – Pizza Buffet w/ Justin Aclin

Editor of Toyfare Magazine, Justin Aclin, stops by to talk about toys, eating contests, and comics, as he touts his titles Hero House and S.H.O.O.T. First. Chris and Euge celebrate Independence Day in more ways than one. Happy 4th of July everyone.

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16 thoughts on “Episode 34 – Pizza Buffet w/ Justin Aclin”

  1. Great episode.

    The talk of Dinosaurs reminded me of one of my favorite shows growing up and it only had 13 episodes was barely on but Cadillacs and Dinosaurs was awesome from the opening Guitar riff in the intro.

    I think that the decline of Toy based TV shows and the popularity of toys in general sprung out of the increase in video games. The timing you mention is also right around the launch of the Super Nintendo the true beginning in my mind of video game mainstream in the west.

    Also hearing the opening twitter question after seeing this image earlier in the week almost commits me to posting it here because it is AWESOME


  2. Two things:

    On the reason Action is starring Lex right now–I think Cornell just legitly wanted to write about Luthor for a big arc, since JMS has gone on record and saying that he’s not keeping Superman exclusive to his book.

    And speaking of strange mash-ups, I present a mash-up of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1YABGdai5k

  3. Dino Riders was stone-cold AWESOME> The heroics Valorians versus Lord Krulos and his Rulons.

    Just amazingly insane.

  4. Good episode as always.

    You could totally have an anime and manga themed episode (War Rocket Anime?) where Chris talks about Love Hina and Euge talks about Escaflowne.

  5. I think the Four Horsemen (toy makers) vs. the Four Horseman (NWA super group) might be a wash. While Ric Flair wouldn’t be a good toy maker and Ole Anderson would have no time for such things (except maybe Lincoln Logs) I could TOTALLY see Arn and Tully taking the task and making some pretty sweet toys.

  6. I’m glad everyone’s on the same page re:Dino Riders (I actually haven’t listened to that PYDK episode, but I’ll check it out now). I’d definitely like to see some new ones made.

    Oh, God! Cici’s!!! We went there after little league games and I was always confused that it was considered a “reward” for the team…

  7. Awesome episode. So much to say!

    -Paul Cornell also wrote some damn good Doctor Who episodes.

    -If you can find it, Sims, I can’t imagine a more perfect cartoon for you than Ultimate MUSCLE. Four-episode-long wrestling matches, suplexes from the statosphere, interplanetary wrestlers who are walruses, cyborg assassins, giant cell phones, and yes, dinosaurs, awesomely WWF announcers, and a midget cornerman named Meat.

    -I take the “unironically loved jam” question to mean “I vocally love it even though someone might make fun of me”. So:
    L’Trimm – The Cars That Go Boom
    Al B. Sure – Night and Day
    New Radicals – Get What You Give
    Neneh Cherry – Buffalo Stance
    Chubb Rock – Treat ‘Em Right
    3rd Bass – The Gas Face
    Black Sheep – The Choice is Yours

  8. In college, I would regularly go to Cici’s because it was a place I could get a whole lot of something that resembled food for about 4 bucks.

    I immediately regretted it every time I went, and would also question whether it would be productive to ever have children based on the large number of kids that would be there every single time.

  9. inle … who, I say WHO, would dare make fun of someone for loving The Gas Face?

    They would get … THE GASSSSSS FACE.

  10. I can’t take hearing the band lineup question each week without getting this off my chest:

    Incognito trenchcoat-and-hat Thing on bass
    Charles Xavier on drums
    The original robot Human Torch on guitar (flaming all the while)
    Doctor Strange on vocals
    and Luke Cage as a dedicated dancer. Just grooving against the man.

    and while we;re at it, Mark Morrison’s ‘Return of the Mac.’ oh SHIT, that’s my JAM.

  11. 1) Um, actually there is a Costco in SC. It’s in Spartanburg. (For real, it’s right off 26, and I pass it every time I go to Asheville to see my Mom and I think, why don’t we have one of these in Columbia)

    2) I’ll tell you this about Street Court, the ladies who clean our break room at work LOVE that show.

    3) I used to work at CiCi’s Pizza right after I got married because I needed some extra cash. I will defend their deep dish pizza as the best thing on the menu, and would honestly rather eat at CiCi’s than Pizza Hut.

  12. “Um, actually there is a Costco in SC. It’s in Spartanburg.”

    There’s also one in Charleston and another one up in my neck of the woods in Greenville. Nothing in the middle of the state where Chris is, tho’.

    I can’t believe Bone Age came up in conversation. I really dug that toy line when it came out as part of the late ’80s dino-renaissance, although I only managed to grab a couple of ’em before they completely disappeared. I also remember getting a Dino-Riders figure set or something that came with a VHS copy of the animated pilot, and the video had a commerical for The Animal, that truck that had lion claws or whatever coming out of the tires. I don’t know why I’m mentioning that.

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