Episode 44 – Gorilla Strippin’ f/ Brandon Jerwa

Before writing GI Joe comics, Brandon Jerwa had some interesting jobs. He comes on Ajax to talk to us about them, among other things. And now you know. And knowing is…like, some part of the battle or something.

The Rundown

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10 thoughts on “Episode 44 – Gorilla Strippin’ f/ Brandon Jerwa”

  1. Hey Chris, if you’re enjoying Nick Spencer’s work I might suggest you track down his mini-series Forgetless. It was published by Image earlier this year and contains awesomeness such as models turned assassins, a man performing unspeakable acts to the Empire State building, and a David Letterman analogue hitting up a hipster club in a koala suit. Simply stellar stuff.

  2. The GI Joe movie had a lot of things I loved.

    Big Lobb (easily my favorite Joe, the sport commentator aspect was AWESOME)
    Sgt Slaughter and his Renegades
    Roadblock and Cobra Commander hanging out (Roadblock rhyming every other line is awesome)
    Sgt Slaughter vs. Nemesis Enforcer at the end of the movie. When he just pounds on him going THIS IS FOR ME, THIS IS FOR DUKE and THIS IS FOR THE US OF A

    And yeah that intro is BALLIN

  3. I can’t wait for the War Rocket Ajax version of The Bachelor, where Chris is courted by a group of would-be co-hosts, each forced to perform a variety of tasks to gauge their compatibility with him. Seriously though, it’s a bummer to hear that Euge won’t have the time to do the show anymore, but it’s cool that he’s pursuing something he’s passionate about.

    As for the interview itself, it was awesome from start to finish. I’ve never read any of Mr. Jerwa’s work, but I’m going to have to make the effort to seek it out now.

  4. You need to get Nick Spencer on the show next. This week’s show was awesome, as always.

    Just as a suggestion, as Euge is irreplaceable (the next follow up to Irradeemable and Incorruptible, BTW), maybe find one person to do the tech stuff and have a floating, weekly second chair?

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