Adam WarRock – The War For Infinity – Now Available

We’re off to NYCC! If you’re in the area, tweet or email us, or come to the ComicsAlliance panel on Saturday at 5PM!

For today, the Adam WarRock debut album, The War For Infinity, is now available! Go check it out!

2 thoughts on “Adam WarRock – The War For Infinity – Now Available”

  1. The War Rocket Ajax Drinking Game

    Take one drink any time…
    …Chris or Eug refer to someone they’ve met as “awesome,” “nice,” “great” or “fantastic.”
    …Chris refers to a piece of media as the best thing in recorded history.
    …Eug admits he hasn’t bought any comics this week.
    …Chris says “off the chain”.
    …Eug says “Anyways”.

    Take two drinks any time…
    …Chris mentions his fondness for Christmas.
    …Eug says something that accidentally reveals he’s way smarter than he pretends to be.
    …Chris declares that if you don’t like a piece of media, you and he have nothing to talk about.
    …Chris cracks Eug up.

    Finish the bottle any time…
    …Chris or Eug inadvertantly reveal their political leanings.

    I love you guys. Keep up the great work.

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