Episode 46 – Reggaeton Rap Stars f/ Tom Fowler and Jen Vaughn

Artists and friends-of-the-show Tom Fowler and Jen Vaughn stop by, as we dig through some listener questions and talk about…well, very weird stuff.

The Rundown

  • Thanks to our guests! To check out more of Tom Fowler’s stuff, check out his blog, or talk to him on twitter. And don’t forget this week, DEADPOOL TEAM-UP #888!!!
  • Read Jen’s webcomic, Mermaid Hostel (now updating mondays). Also check out the Peep Show 2011 calendar discussed in the show.
  • Adam WarRock Comic Book Store Tour – join the facebook group and post your store’s info!
  • Music used: Belle & Sebastian “Sukie in the Graveyard”
  • I’m still out of town, so the show notes are going to be a bit sparse. Deal with it Cate Blanchett.

Comics Talked About:

  • Euge: Avengers Acamdemy
  • Sims: Mo-Both High by Neil Cameron; The Outfit by Darwyn Cooke
  • Tom: American Flag, Crogan’s Vengeance
  • Jen: Mogworld by Yahtzee, Saga of Crystar

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21 thoughts on “Episode 46 – Reggaeton Rap Stars f/ Tom Fowler and Jen Vaughn”

  1. lol I just noticed how peaceful the last week must have been to not have any haters this time. Congrats and thanks I didn’t get that drunk.

  2. The problem with the Ghostbusters vs Back to the Future question is the limitation to the first movies only. If you open up discussion to other things that fall under the Ghostbusters vs Back to the Future banner, the answers should be more diverse than what the question has garnered so far.

    For example:
    – Cooler vehicle: Ecto-1, the DeLorean, the Time Train, the Hoverboard, or the Statue of Liberty?
    – Which defunct Universal Studios attraction would you revive, the Ghostbusters stage show or Back to the Future the ride?
    – Better theme, Ray Parker’s “Ghostbusters” vs Huey Lewis and the News “The Power of Love?”*
    – Ghostbusters 2 vs Back to the Future 2?**
    – There’s also toys, comic books, and cartoons***.

    There’s still life in the GB v BTF question. If it has to be retired, I’m gonna suggest a similar question: Beakman vs Bill Nye the Science Guy.

    *Or for real nerds, Alan Silvestri’s score vs Elmer Bernstein’s
    ** Leave BTF 3 out of this, cause that film is better than either of the 1st sequels, and may also be better than BTF part 1. You’ll get a similar trumping.
    *** The Real Ghostbusters vs Extreme Ghostbusters vs Filmation Ghostbusters could also be its own discussion as well.

  3. Tom Fowler needs to write a column for some magazine or website. Why? Just so he could call it “Fowler Language.” That’s just too good of a title not to use.

    And Jen, I was totally going to buy one of your menstration themed comics at MICE last month, but I just found the subject matter too icky. Sex and violnce and what not… I’m cool with all that shit, but female bodily functions? Yucky with a capital Y.

    And you can truly never talk too much wrestling for my tastes.

  4. It doesn’t beat “The Cable Guy” but “Feets Don’ Fail Me Now” has a nomination for Rob Liefeld biography title from me.

  5. Oh, and I am also ALL in favor of more wrestling in my WRA. Hell, I’m all in favor of more wrestling in my /mashed potatoes/.

  6. Yah, I’ll second Matt there and say that Linkara’s Atop the Fourth Wall is my favorite video comics reviewer. And yah, it’s a lot of work.

  7. I’m all for that Sharon, Lois, and Bram reunion! I don’t think there’s a Canadian born before 1995 than doesn’t know “Skinnamarink.”

    I really miss the reggaeton airhorn x3 sound effect. I spent about five minutes on the edge of my seat hoping you would bust it out for that reggaeton question.

    1. I was wondering when someone would mention the lack of airhorn. Unfortunately, I need a new adapter to plug my phone into the soundboard. 🙁

  8. Ghostbusters is better because the Back to the Future movies, well.. They suck. All of Robert Zemeckis’ movies do. While I appreciate that the franchise and overrated turd like Forrest Gump have given USC a digital arts building among other things thanks to his generous contributions, Tom’s right that it’s cheap emotional manipulation. I’m not against manipulation in general, because that’s kind of the point of media. But when it’s done so sloppily like his movies it hurts to sit and think “Wait. What?” It’s the same kind of shitty cheap stunt that led to a piece of shit like Crash (written by the same guy whose previous claim to fame was writing ‘Walker: Texas Ranger’ for fuck’s sake) winning a damn Oscar. Point is that Ghostbusters has better writing in general, story, plot, characters, acting, direction, and practically makes love to the city of New York.

    Then again, I think people who hate Ghostbusters 2 are insane. They turn the Statue of Liberty into a mech powered by magical goo that gets excited by Motown and is steered by a Nintendo Advantage controller. The only people who can’t dig that are just objectively wrong, and should be ashamed.

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