Episode 45 – Nexus … Or Against Us f/ Jarrett Williams

Creator of the awesome pro-wrestling graphic novel series Super Pro KO, Jarrett Williams, stops by to talk about…well, wrestling. A lot of wrestling. Chris and Euge also recap their NYCC experiences. Lives are changed.

The Rundown

  • Thanks to EVERYONE WHO CAME AND SAW CHRIS AND EUGE AT NYCC! Too many to thank individually, but you guys made our NYCC experience awesome!
  • Thanks again to Jarrett Williams, who quite frankly, will have to come back on the show to talk about video games, comics, and hip hop…since we talked so much about wrestling this time around. Check out his website, and go get Super Pro KO! And check out Jarrett on twitter.
  • Check out the ComicsAlliance panel, in all its wonderful glory. Make sure you check out all of CA’s NYCC coverage too!
  • Check out Awesomed by Comics Episode 111, for a full NYCC recap from the pov of Evie and Aaron.
  • Here’s the Val Venis scene we were talking about.
  • Music used: Edan “Fumbling Over Words I Rhyme”; Rick Derringer “I Am A Real American”

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21 thoughts on “Episode 45 – Nexus … Or Against Us f/ Jarrett Williams”

  1. On getting into wrestling.

    My buddy broke into semi-pro wrestling locally (El Phantasmo in the ECCW). They actually had an academy with tuitions that would lead into you doing matches in the league after a year or so, and if you really catch the crowds attention you can bring yourself up the charts a bit.

  2. Oh man, when I first started the episode up and found it was going to be about wrestling, I was a bit worried, but MAN was it hilarious! Even though I hadn’t the faintest clue what you were talking about, it was still entertaining.

  3. Hot diggity! After the video game episode I was going to DEMAND that you do a wrestling themed show. I’m happy to see that you did it even w/o me begging for it.

  4. Dang! Had I known you were talking to Jarret Williams I would’ve asked a question about the Super Pro K.O. Championship Belt that was to be the prize for the best promo at SDCC. I entered (I was dressed like Bluto and called out Popeye for maybe 90 seconds) but I never found out who won. The contest is mentioned on the Oni Press blog, but not the results.

  5. If you have an X-Box, and you want to give Magic a go, try out “Duels of the Planeswalkers”.

    It’s magic, but without the 2 squillion cards that you get in the “Real World” and the PC versions. And it’s *really* fun.

    “deworde2510” if you want a game.

  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic:_The_Gathering_%E2%80%93_Duels_of_the_Planeswalkers

    Also, if you’re worried about the complexities of Magic?

    1) You have lands.
    2) You can use those lands to power spells.
    3) Some of those spells are creatures.
    4) You can attack your enemy with those creatures.
    5) Your enemy can block your attackers with his creatures.
    6) If he can’t block your attack, you hurt him.
    7) Then he gets a go.

    That’ll get you started.

  7. Great show this week guys! Seriously, I could have listened to that wrestle talk for HOURS!
    As for Magic the Gathering, it is complicated NOW as there are tons of new rules but you can get Duel of the Planeswalkers from X-Box Live Arcade and that is a blast to play.

  8. Tom – I love that Blue/White deck destruction deck. Reminds me of the Millstone decks of old. How about you? People who exclusively play the Green/Black elf deck are punks!
    I played from 1994 (revised) to whenever 6th edition came out. I think there up to 12th edition. I sold everything I have except a set of black bordered Hypnotic Specters and a german edition Demonic Tutor for sentimental reasons.

    Ryan – I’d rather see them record a Rifftrax style commentary to some of the greatest matches/angles in wrestling history.

  9. Mushroom:
    Pure Blue’s my favourite, (because I am a son of a bitch who enjoys watching my enemies flail till they run out of cards)… It can make an elf player so very, very miserable.
    “Coat of Arms!”
    “Hah, look at my HORDE of elf tokens…”

    Haven’t got the Blue/White yet, which expansion’s that in? I am liking the look of what I’ve seen of it on LIVE.

    Still haven’t unlocked enough to get the Blue/Black Tezzeret Deck,
    I’m trying to complete the Dragon deck and the R/G/W deck. The Dragon Deck seems REALLY low on powerful critters in its locked state.

    Sims: Well, you did. And don’t you regret it now…

  10. The Blue/White deck is called “Mind of Void”. Being a fan of Blue, you’ll dig it as it bring more creature control from White into play. The new Vampire deck from the latest expansion (which you can only play against right now) is a KILLER!

  11. The good killer, where it’s awesome to play with and against, or the bad killer, where you might as well concede as soon as the first card is played?

  12. Killer as in casting one BLACK casting cost 2/1 vampires that make you lose life when they attack in addition to their damage, Terrors that also make you lose three life, etc. The 3rd expansion (due by December) allegedly has it as a playable deck.

  13. sims might have got 6 digits at comic con speed dating but most phone numbers are 7 digits. that’s my wicked burn.

    thanks for another great show! i’ve never been a wrestling fan but it’s interesting listening to folks that do. i remember a wrestling event happening in my small hometown in wisconsin and afterwards undertaker went to a local bar. from the stories i heard, i was too young to go to bars at the time, every drunk asshole in the bar challenged him to a fight. after hearing those stories i had more respect for the perfromers and it pretty much confirmed the fact that i had to move. those guys must get that shit all the time.

  14. Yeah, so I’ve been going through your archive (what, I like podcasts), and this mp3 is only 16 kb for me. Could you fix that?


      Sorry about that. Our FTP server was having some hiccups a little while ago, some files were lost it looks like. I reuploaded this episode, so the links in the blog post should now work. Hope you enjoy it! (Jarrett was a great guest).

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