Episode 63 – Domino Sense f/Chris Burnham

Chris Burnham, artist on Batman Incorporated, Officer Downe and Nixon’s Pals,  stops in this week to talk about his work, particularly on a character one host seems to have some kind of affinity for. Among other things, Mr. Burnham tells us how difficult it is to draw death traps and to not draw Batman murdering people. We also welcome yet another member of the Ajax Hundo Club, Mr. Rob Dean! With him, we answer an age-old question about donuts.

The Rundown

Comics Talked About:

  • Wolverine: The Best There Is
  • Fear Itself #1
  • Nonplayer #1
  • Captain America and Batroc #1
  • Action Double Feature

Shameless Self Promotion:

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6 thoughts on “Episode 63 – Domino Sense f/Chris Burnham”

  1. I feel so special, I was tangentially mentioned.

    To be fair to me: At the time several sites were claiming to have information stating that Bob’s Burgers WAS cancelled. I will have to be more choosy on my Television news sources.

  2. Seriously, watch Archer. Chris does! It’s amazing!

    It’s from the creators of Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo!

  3. “wolverine is for the children” needs to be a tshirt, calendar, inspirational poster, comic, charity organization….or all of the above, bc that almost had me spit take.

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