Episode 62 – Listen to the Rednecks f/Jeff Parker

Fellow Carolinian and barbecue enthusiast Jeff Parker returns to War Rocket Ajax this week to talk about his work on Hulk, Thunderbolts and his webcomic, Bucko! We talk at length about barbecue (it wouldn’t be WRA without it), why Jeff wasn’t able to have any snow cream this year, the zen-like conundrum of Shaolin monk vs. caveman and much, much more! Plus: We offer one last big incentive in the very last week of our pledge drive, answer a listener question and give our first ever anti-recommendation!

The Rundown

  • Jeff’s on Twitter, and you should follow him there. Plus, check out his website!
  • After you read Bucko, you should really look at artist Erika Moen’s previous (and sexy) webcomic DAR!
  • The @FakeAPStylebook book, Write More Good, comes out tomorrow! Buy it right here! Chris and Matt were both contributors, along with lots of our online pals.
  • If any of you fine folks have any ideas for what the Ajax crew or our listeners ought to be called, let us know in the comments.
  • Chris’s Anti-Rec: WWE’s Top 50 Superstars of All Time
  • Matt’s Rec: Bob’s Burgers
  • Music used: Wolf Parade, “Cave-o-Sapien”

Comics Talked About:

  • Detective Comics #875
  • Punisher: In the Blood
  • Iron Man #502

Shameless Self Promotion:

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8 thoughts on “Episode 62 – Listen to the Rednecks f/Jeff Parker”

  1. Regarding the WWE DVD set you mention, the “poll of the lockerroom” thing was a total fabrication, and the ranking was done by Vince based on who he liked and/or was pissed off with at the time (thus Flair and Hogan were buried for going to TNA).

  2. also, pick up WWE All Stars the videogame. its amazing. best wrestling game ive played since the No Mercy/Revenges’ of the N64 era.

  3. Man, I was hoping for a much longer conversation for In The Blood, but I agree whole-heartedly about Detective Comics.

    Great podcast, anyway. Jeff Parker is always a good guest.

  4. BringTheNoise is right on the money. This is Vince’s say so and the superstars get pinned with the choices. Any list of top wrestlers is always gonna draw discussion or debate. Fun show as always.

  5. 1. BAD NEWS FOR YOU, ZEEK, wahHA: Bob’s Burgers was renewed for a second season! TEAM LOUISE!
    2. I was expecting a retraction this week from MW about Sleater-Kinney. Do I need to send you a copy of THE WOODS (it shrrrrrredds) to make the case that this is not a band to be grouped with the Indigo Girls? Because I will.
    3. Far too little hot-alt-girl service in this ep, fellows. Far, far too little.

  6. I never said a word about Sleater-Kinney being like the Indigo Girls.

    I don’t think they’re comparable! Words were put into my mouth!

    I just don’t find their music to be elbow-throwing mosch music.

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