Volume 2, Episode 2 – Bearded Homonculus f/Matt Fraction

This week we feature our first guest of the Comics Alliance era (who was also our first guest ever), Matt Fraction, writer of The Mighty Thor, the Invincible Iron Man, Casanova and Fear Itself!  Matt talks with us about what it takes to get into the mindset of writing an event comic, the event comics that helped him create Fear Itself, tie-ins, why his Iron Man book wasn’t originally meant to be the “main” book, Van Halen’s greatest hit, weird television, and much more! Plus, we give our new CA listeners a taste of a fan-favorite segment!

The Rundown


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16 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 2 – Bearded Homonculus f/Matt Fraction”

  1. Just a couple minutes in. But Chris, if you’re describing what I think you’re describing, the human survivors actually are trying to screw you over. If you go to a hot labs FIRST the way the security commander tries to get you then when you come back his guys all try to kill you because Benezia left them orders to stop you and they were hoping the Rachni will kill you. Sounds like you accidentally triggered that without knowing it. Depending on which way you take in, you may save the traumatized volus and get an explanation.

    But Shepherd definitely has many, many war crimes to cover up.

  2. I had a “Is Kevin Smith writing the new WRA episodes” joke in the chamber and I was ready to pull the trigger. You guys are so lucky this episode was finally posted ’cause that woulda STUNG.

  3. 1. I been thinkin’ about Squire’s braid, and I think it might be attached to the tam-style hat? Like Matt says?
    2. ‘THROB ITEMS’ has just entered my lexicon.
    3. CASANOVA love, as ever and always. I love that book; thanks Matt Fraction!

  4. @Matt – Not the week off for Heroes Con! I was just referring to the time the show went up. I’ve been listening to all of the old WRA episodes while at work and usually I listen to an old one on Monday morning and when I’m done the new one is up. Today I listened to two old episodes before the new one was up.

    So it’s not really a bad thing because I got to hear the sweet sweet Reggaeton air horn.

    Also @ Matt – I’m glad you plugged Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown. I just read it last night and loved it.

  5. not trying to complain, but im curious if anyone else is having issues with itunes not showing the new episode.

  6. Sorry, folks. Euge actually still does the uploading to iTunes for complex reasons I won’t go into, and he’s been out of pocket today. It’ll be up there ASAP.

  7. Hurry up, Euge! It’s 8:00am on Tuesday and I need WRA for my morning commute!

  8. You know, you could always just download it. There’s a link right above. It’s slightly less convenient than iTunes subscriptions, but it’ll do in a pinch!

  9. Will the hilariously awkward search for the replacement to “Ajax out” surpass the quiet shelving of episode themes as my favorite thing ever about the show? Only time will tell.

  10. Fraction is one of the most fun guests you guys have on the show. He’s such a perfect fit. Can’t wait for Jason Aaron on next week’s show.

    Don’t forget the LA Noire talk! I wanna hear your accounts of the game.

    Matt, can’t wait to hear about you experience at the CHIKARA show 😉

    I miss the hat 🙁

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