Volume 2, Episode 4 – Hard Times f/Laura Hudson and Chris Haley

On this July 4 edition of War Rocket Ajax, Comics Alliance Editor-in-Chief Laura Hudson and Let’s Be Friends Again artist Chris Haley check in with us for the first ever, all-American War Rocket Ajax Comics Alliance roundtable! Among the topics we cover are the DC reboot, Comic-Con memories, and Chris Haley’s valiant, patriotic effort to get everyone to eat a Captain America donut Friday, #THEPACT. We also answer some tipsy listener mail and discuss the most American of pastimes: professional wrestling!

The Rundown

  • If you’re curious about how DC’s new TV commercials might look, here’s what they went for back in ’93.
  • Our favorite inanimate objects from superhero movies! Laura’s. Sims’. Haley’s. Matt’s.
  • You can see all of photographer Joey Miller’s pictures of Haley’s THE PACT day (including the one above) here. Here’s one of Matt’s.
  • To prove Matt was not kidding about the Baskin-Robbins Hydra sundae, go here and click on the “Captain America” tab.
  • Dusty Rhodes’ famous “Hard Times” promo. CM Punk’s work-shoot promo from last week. David Shoemaker’s column about that promo. All about the term “kayfabe.
  • Chris’ checks and recs: The Art of Wrestling podcast
  • Matt’s checks and recs: Chikara Pro Wrestling, Louie season 2 (sadly, the new episode isn’t up just yet)
  • Music used: John Philip Sousa’s “Washington Post” march, “Real American,” Rick Derringer

Comics Talked About:

  • Batman Incorporated #7
  • Dungeons and Dragons hardcover
  • Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #6

Shameless Self Promotion:

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9 thoughts on “Volume 2, Episode 4 – Hard Times f/Laura Hudson and Chris Haley”

  1. Suggestion for a cool glass of War Rocket Ajax:

    Depth charge a shot of Jager into a White Russian and add either a dash of vinegar or mustard, as per personal preference.

  2. If one would ask for a ComicsAlliance Presents War Rockwt Ajax, One would be presented with three goblets. One is filled with a mixture of Night Train, Jolt, and 3 packets of Lemonade Kool-Aid. This is also known as the correct one. One is filled with 7Up and scorpions. This is the wrong one. One is full of lemon juice. This one is for pussies. If the imbiber does not make a decision, he is whacked upside the head with a car battery with a slice of lemon somehow adhesed to it. If he chooses correctly, he is awarded with a viking helmet covered in glitter and gets to keep the goblet. If he chooses incorrectly, he is mocked and run out of town, and children shall mock him and impugn his spouse’s faithfulness forevermore.

    Also, no on the 4 LoQuil proposition

  3. You want to talk about barriers to entry? “What? four bucks for 22 pages? Fuck that!” Nobody who isn’t buying comics already is going to think that the current pricing makes any damn sense.

    When comics were doing their best in the marketplace, they were cheap, ubiquitous and, to a lot of their customers, disposable. If publishers want to expand their market, they have to somehow recreate the experience (either in real life or digitally) of buying an issue of Spider-Man on impulse while getting a Slurpee and a hot dog.

  4. If I ordered a “War Rocket Ajax” I would hope to receive one of my favorite home-made concoctions. 1 part vodka – 1 part rum – 1 part 99 Blackberries – two parts cranberry juice. It’ll eff you up.

    I vote NO for the 4 LoQuil experiment. WRA is one of the only reasons I get out of bed on Monday (until my job is outsourced in September and I listen to it in bed) so I don’t want you guys to die.

    I vote YES to Matt impersonating Lil’ Wayne more often on the show.

  5. If I ordered a “War Rocket Ajax” I would expect to receive a big ol’ glass of Haterade.

  6. ComicsAlliance Presents War Rockwt Ajax = Ecto Cooler, ginger wine, bitters, bourbon, and a bag of sea salt. Served with a pulled pork sandwich.

    After hearing Tom Scharpling get silly on Four Loko on the air, I vote NO on 4 LoQuil for the sake of your respective well-beings (unless you get John Hodgman to steer the rocket through the manic asteroid field).

  7. My first real experience with comics was when my dad gave me and my younger brother his copies of the Official Handbook to the Marvel Universe, with the copies divided between us with no discernable pattern, so I just pored over these pages of MU minutia, which probably had an effect on my future reading habits. This also accompanied his passing down of a very nice Marvel 25th anniversary poster that hangs above my bed to this day. Over the years, I learned the names of most everybody on the poster, with the only ones I can’t identify being definite members of either the Power Pack, Alpha Flight, or the New Mutants.

    And then I read his tattered copy of Watchmen at the age of 10, and my life changed forever.

  8. The Cabana ‘Art of Wrestling’ podcast is great. If you haven’t listened to the CM Punk one yet, it’s a blast. CM Punk touches on many of the things he spoke about on TV two weeks ago and pitches an idea to WWE Films which could make a billion dollars. Don’t sleep on the Briscoe Brothers one either!

  9. Please do not mix 4 Loco and Nyquil. I enjoy listening to this show which probably requires you being alive to record. Plus it would really piss off that English professor when you started dropping slurred “um”s and “uh”s all over the place, and I know that satisfying him is totally your primary motivation here.

    Definitely putting my vote into more alcohol and more Lil’ Wayne impersonations though.

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